ZTE nubia Red Magic 2 Currently On The Works, Here's What We Want To See

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Another hot gaming smartphone is currently in the works. The ZTE Nubia Red Magic 2 will be packed with a Snapdragon 845 chip and comes with shoulder buttons for gaming.

The Tweet

Leakster Roland Quandt posted on his Twitter account praising the Nubia Red Magic which sits at 449 Euro and features Snapdragon 835, 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal storage and more. He then said that a successor packed with an SD 845 and with shoulder buttons are currently in the works.

When Can We Expect It?

Sadly, Quandt didn’t share any details about its release date. But we can speculate a release date based on the currently available model which was announced and released in April 2018. With this, we can assume that it could be released in April 2019.

However, there’s also a possibility that ZTE could follow the footsteps of OnePlus where it releases two phones per year. One is an example is its OnePlus 5 and 5T last year – the former on June, while the latter in November.

But of course, without any official announcements, it’s better to take it with a pinch of salt. In fact, we’re not even sure if what Quandt said is true. Furthermore, what if it would be released in 2020 instead?

What We Would Want To See

A better cooling system

The company was proud of its cooling system because it keeps the device from heating. However, despite that, it does still get warm.

A stronger and better display

The device features a 6-inch screen with a screen resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels. However, there are two things that it less desirable. One, outdoor viewing can be a bit of struggle. The other, dropping it 10 cm from above ground could damage its screen.

Better speakers

Although the sound is loud and it isn’t muffled, it still does seem a little bit desirable compared to other phones. Hopefully, this will be improved in Nubia Red Magic 2.

A better design

Sure, the design looks amazing – especially the cool LED on its back. However, due to its slanted back, it makes impossible for flat surfaces.

Longer Battery Life

The current model is powered by a 3,800 mAh battery. Sure, this gives it a good amount of battery life. But for a device that’s intended for gaming, a much longer battery life is something fans would like to see in ZTE Nubia Red Magic 2.

Don’t Remove The Red Button!

One of the features that the current model has that is perfect for gaming is that it has a red button on its side that stops incoming calls and the navigation bar from popping in mid-game. Let’s face it, during a crucial moment like fighting a difficult boss the last thing you want is to be bothered by a call.

Are you excited about the ZTE Nubia Red Magic 2? Also, do you agree with the things that fans want to see? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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