After Microsoft’s Surface Phone, Xiaomi Spotted Working on Foldable Phone

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After the reports of Microsoft working on a foldable mobile device known as the surface phone, Xiaomi has followed suit by announcing its plan to work on its own foldable phone with flexible displays.

While many smartphone makers are trying to come up with new and innovative phones to entice smartphone users, Microsoft is rumored to be working on the foldable smartphone dubbed as Surface Phone. The device, as per patents is similar to Microsoft Courier, the never released digital notepad. In fact, Huawei, Apple, and Samsung are also exploring the possibility of creating foldable displays. Now, Chinese company Xiaomi, well-known for its innovative smartphones and crowdsourced products will soon launch a foldable phone as per Chinese website CNMO.

The patent application (click here to see) titled “connection mechanism for foldable mobile terminals and a foldable mobile phone” talks in details about a phone which has two displays and can be opened to form a 160-degree angle. Since it does not open to 180-degrees from the folded state, it is likely to work more like flip phones.

Further, the patent explains that the device in question will have two housings, each of which will have its own display panel. The two will be linked by a bendable joint.

While reports suggest that Xiaomi will launch foldable smartphones, probably on the same lines as Microsoft’s surface phone. However, it should be noted that the existence of patents does not necessarily mean that the company is working on it or that it will come into the market soon. In fact, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun had recently mentioned that out of the 6300 patents that the company holds, 53 percent are trademarked outside of China.

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