Xiaomi Blackshark vs Asus ROG: Comparing the Newest Gaming Phones

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It looks like it is going to be Xiaomi Blackshark vs Asus ROG after ASUS announced that the upcoming release will introduce to the world its flagship gaming phone. It comes two months after Xiaomi entered the gaming handset race with the Blackshark. With the short timeframe between the releases of both gaming phones, it is becoming apparent that the two Chinese brands will be fighting for the attention of consumers.

Xiaomi Blackshark vs Asus ROG

Are you confused on which to buy between the Xiaomi Blackshark and Asus ROG? In this article, we will be comparing Xiaomi Blackshark vs Asus ROG in several areas to see which of them is better.


For most tech consumers, who will win in the Xiaomi Blackshark vs Asus ROG rivalry will come down to performance. Both Chinese companies invested a lot into the specs of the phones, knowing that game apps work best with premium performance parts.

The strongest selling point of the Asus ROG is its cooling capability. It uses vapor cooling through its GameCool system, which can be supplemented with the innovative AeroActive Cooler. This makes processors, and consequently the gaming experience, efficient.

The Xiaomi Blackshark also exhibits stable gaming, with an average CPU load of 17 percent and 40 median frames per second (FPS). Combine this with a Snapdragon 845 processor and 8 GB of RAM, you have a great gaming experience ahead of you.

Display and screen

One of the most impressive things about the Blackshark is its widescreen. It has a 1080p 21:9 display, according to The Verge. It also has a one-click Shark key on the side, which enters the phone into the special game mode.

The ROG also has a good display and screen. It has a 6-inch display that refreshes at 90Hz, according to Neowin. It also possesses 108.6 percent of the cinema-grade DCI-P3 color space.

Battery life

One of the biggest downsides of the Blackshark is its battery life. Even with a powerful 4000mAh battery, playing for half an hour reduced the battery power to as low as 23 percent.

The ROG, meanwhile, has excellent battery life. Its 4000mAh battery can be charged fast, reaching 85 percent after an hour. A 6000mAh auxiliary battery can also extend the game time that you spend on the phone.


As far as design, the Asus ROG has the more refreshing structure. Since playing in landscape mode can be disorienting because of the headphone cables and charger get in the way, ASUS added ports into the right side. This way, you can still play even when charging.

The Xiaomi Blackshark, on the other hand, looks familiar, adopting a more traditional design. It does, however, have a set of grooves to avoid slipping.


While the price for the ASUS ROG has not been officially disclosed yet, the Blackshark may have an edge as it only costs $480 for the 8GB RAM + 128GB model. The ROG may be a bit pricier as it is being compared to the Razer Phone, which costs $699.

Which device do you think will win in the Xiaomi Blackshark vs Asus ROG Phone rivalry? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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