Xiaomi 'Blackshark': Everything You Need To Know About Upcoming Gaming Smartphone

Antonio Manaytay
3:27 PM

A high-end gaming smartphone “Blackshark” is in the making, benchmarking site AnTuTu said. No one has yet owned it but the new high-end gaming phone is reportedly from Xiaomi, one of the main investors of a company that bears the same name.

Black Shark, according to its website, has carved a niche in the mobile platform and related ecosystem. However, there’s no official update yet on the leaked high-end gaming phone.

Despite the sparse information about the phone, several features had been spotted in AnTuTu’s database. AnTuTu claims that the new  Blackshark phone will be running on Android 8.0 displaying high-resolution at 2160x1080p. It will come packing a Snapdragon 845 SoC with Andreno 630 GPU. The gaming phone will boast 8GB of RAM and 32GB storage.

When Galaxy S9 broke into AnTuTu, it garnered a record 265, 267 votes back then. Blackshark had easily surpassed S9 record votes with its own 270, 680 votes. Although votes could be misleading unless everyone will see how this new high-end phone looks like.

It is clear that “Blackshark” builders have the thoroughbred gamers in the mobile ecosystem in mind. Right now, Razer Phone, developed by a US-based tech company, has the edge when it comes to gaming phones. Priced at $699 at Amazon Razer Phone is the gamers’ favorite far with its 12oHz refresh rate and a battery that packs 4000mAh power.

With the gaming-centric smartphones, the environment is fast-becoming exciting, much is yet to be seen what “Blackshark” can offer to game aficionados. Gamers, for example, are interested in the new gaming phone can match, or even outdo Razer Phone’s “UltraMotion” display.

TechRadar, in its review, concedes that Razer Phone is naturally developed to give users a new gaming experience: screen as smooth as silk, high-end specifications, and excellent speakers. The question at the moment is this: Do gamers need high-end new smartphone intended solely for gaming? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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