Xbox Two: Upcoming Console Device May Have Mobile Phone Connectivity

Yves Amodia
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With the dawn of streaming in gaming, pundits believe that consoles are at their sunset period. But through Project Scarlett, which is said to be the internal name for the Xbox Two, Microsoft may just have found a way to make consoles still appealing to avid gamers.

Xbox Two’s potential mobile phone connectivity

Microsoft’s Xbox division is said to be working on integrating mobile phone connectivity into its long-awaited device, according to The Daily Star UK. This means that users may be able to play games on their mobile phones as well as on the console.

Tech experts believe that the Project Scarlett output will be even more powerful than the Xbox One X. Due to Microsoft’s ambitious plan of releasing a console with crisp visuals and topnotch processing power, the Xbox Scarlett may not arrive until 2019 or 2020

The news that Microsoft is developing a way to have mobile phone connectivity for the Xbox Two is in line with recent rumors that console makers are looking for ways to innovate the console experience. Other top players like Sony and Nintendo are set to move in the same direction as well.

Other Xbox Scarlett improvements

In related Xbox news, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer also admitted that the framerates and load times of the current Xbox consoles have room for improvement, according to VG247. He compared the balance between the CPU and GPU of consoles and PCs, saying that the company will have to work on this particular area.

Microsoft has already started its work on improving the load times with the just-announced FastStart feature. It is expected that more features that are related to the load time and framerate will be announced in the next few Xbox updates.

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