Xbox Two: Streaming-Only Reports Gather Steam; Xbox Scarlett Latest Potential Features and Rumors

Yves Amodia
7:08 PM

Microsoft has already confirmed that a console product called either Xbox Scarlett or Xbox Two will be coming in the next few years. The follow-up to the Xbox One released in 2013, it will serve as the next generation and could become the most likely direct competitor of the PlayStation 5 of rival company Sony.

Xbox Two and the streaming question

A lot of people already know that there is a big chance Xbox Two and Xbox Scarlett will have a streaming-only platform, according to Ultra Gamerz. As streaming becomes more popular among video game fans, this development is welcome as it would make the console products from Microsoft more accessible to gamers.

While there will certainly be logistical challenges due to the intermittent Internet connection in some parts of the world, the popularity of game streaming services like PlayStation Now and NVIDIA Shield only proves that it is the direction the industry should be heading to. If the Xbox Scarlett will not be able to achieve a full stream-only console, the bare minimum expectation from consumers is to at least have a major streaming component in the video game experience. This will definitely make things more efficient as there will be no more annoying updates and waiting.

Xbox and the Microsoft All Access connection

The recent launch of the Microsoft All Access seems to foreshadow the release of the next Xbox. The introduction of this payment option enables the potential buyers to spread the cost around to as long as 24 months. This makes it easier for potential buyers to transfer to the Xbox platform, according to T3.

Do you think there is a strong chance that the Xbox Scarlett will have a streaming-only future? Which features and specs do you think will become part of the Xbox Two? We will wait for a comment from you below.

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