Xbox Two 'Scarlett': What We Want To See

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One of the highly anticipated video gaming consoles is the Xbox Two (or Xbox 2) codenamed as ‘Scarlett’. So far, announcement, rumors, leaks, and speculations have been positive about the device. But despite all that, there are still some things fans would like to see featured on the said device.

But First… When Is It Coming?

Before we talk about the specs, features, and price, let’s first talk about its release. The popular belief is that Xbox Scarlett will be released in 2020. However, there have also been reports suggesting that it could be next year as well, but the probability of that happening is rather low. In fact, months ago, industry analyst Michael Patcher even went on record to say that the chances of Microsoft releasing the Xbox Two is only 25 percent at best.

What Fans Would Like To See

Eligible For Xbox All Access

Not so long ago, Microsoft introduced the “Xbox All Access” which can be considered a brilliant move. Well, instead of paying for the gaming console in one go, you can immediately just get one right away by paying a monthly fee for 24 months.

Take the Xbox One X for example. You can get it by paying $34.99 a month. In addition to that, you also get free access to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass.

Don’t Go Full Digital

With the advancement of technology, there have been talks that everything should be digital now. Sure, just downloading games from the internet is pretty convenient. However, as shocking as it may sound, there are some areas around the world that don’t have an internet connection. Furthermore, even if that area has a WiFi connection, the speed is also questionable.

More Powerful Specs & Features

Just like with any upcoming console (especially one that has a predecessor), it should excel in every aspect in terms of memory storage, processor, etc. What’s the point in releasing one if it isn’t?

Backward Compatibility

We all have our favorite games from previous consoles and sometimes we just want to play them to remember the good old days. This is one feature that should definitely part of the upcoming Xbox Two.

VR and AR Support

According to a report, Microsoft has already confirmed that the Xbox One X will support Windows 10 virtual and mixed reality headsets. With this, we expect that the upcoming gaming console will also come with this feature.

Do you agree with the list? Do tell us your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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