Xbox Two Scarlett May Come With High-Level PC-Like Graphics And Cost More

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Tech enthusiasts and the gaming community are looking forward to Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console, the Xbox Two. This time around, a supposed leak relating to the next-gen hardware suggests that it could be the first console with PC-level graphics.

The Leak

According to a report, a leak supposedly for the Xbox Two was spotted by PCGamesN on a Reddit thread. The thread suggests that it could be for the Xbox Scarlett. However, the report noted that the source is unclear.

A Reddit user who goes by the name AmericanCakes said that he found this image from some user who posted it on the Xbox One subreddit and the PlayStation 5 (PS5) subreddit as well.

On the Reddit page, AmericanCakes said that he sent a private message to the person who posted it. And if he gets a weird or no response, then we can safely assume that it’s fake.

What Does The Leak Tell Us?

We all heard that Sony and Microsoft are working on their own respective next-gen hardware. Thanks to that, there’s a high expectation that both gaming consoles will take the gaming experience to the next level or at least be more powerful than the current-gen consoles.

Now with the supposed leak and assuming that it’s real, the Xbox Two will have some very high-level PC-like graphics capabilities. The thing is, according to PCGamesN, the data suggests that next Xbox could have discrete graphics chip inside which means that the graphics are separate from the CPU—something we would generally see in a gaming PC but not in a console, or at least, not yet anyway.

However, there’s a bit of an issue. If this is how Microsoft will present the Xbox Two, then this could lead to a significant increase in the price.

What do you think? Is it real or fake? Tell us in the comment section below.

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