Xbox Two Rumors: Can Microsoft With The Next Console War?

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Microsoft’s next-generation hardware, the Xbox Two, is set rival Sony’s next-generation hardware. There are even speculations that Microsoft could be the victor on the next-gen console war. With that being said, here are three reasons why Microsoft could win the next console war.

The Scarlett Family

Remember back when Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will come with a price tag of $499? It was $100 more expensive than the PS4. Although the company later decided to cut down the price by removing the Kinect camera, the damage was already done.

But for the upcoming next-gen consoles from Microsoft, the company is rumored to release 3 new consoles. These consoles are Scarlett Pro “Anaconda”, Scarlett Arcade “Lockhart”, and an Xbox console codenamed “Maverick”.

Regarding Maverick, it’s unclear whether it is part of the Scarlett family or – some reports say it isn’t, say it is, while others are vague. Whichever it is, it is rumored to release in 2019. Moreover, this console will be the cheapest of the three.

As for Anaconda and Lockhart, Windows Central reports that these consoles are aiming for a holiday debut in 2020. Between the two, Anaconda will be the most expensive one.

The Monthly Payment Plan

Moreover, back in September, VGR reported about the Xbox All Access. This feature offers an affordable payment plan which allows gamers to get an Xbox One console and a few more benefits.

For example, by paying $21.99 a month for two years, gamers can get an Xbox One S 1 TB console, Xbox Live Gold, and Game Pass. Reports speculate that Microsoft’s next-gen consoles will have this feature.

So not only there will be new Xbox Two consoles to choose from but, there will also be the Xbox All Access.

A Lineup Of Amazing Games

In late November, YouTuber boogie2988’s conversation with Xbox’s Mike Ybarra became a hot topic. Apparently, Microsoft started to write blank checks to their game studios so that they can make game titles of their “wildest dreams”.

This is how the conversation went when Microsoft went around asking their game studios:

Microsoft: “What do you want to make?

Game Studios: “What’s our budget?

Microsoft: “I don’t think you understand, that’s not our question, our question is what games do you want to make? We are Microsoft and we have the budget, we just want to know what game you want to do, what are your wildest dreams.

And then on earlier December, a Twitter user who goes by the name Klobrille (@klobrille) revealed that Microsoft isn’t done yet and is still “in active talks” with other studios – both big and small. Unfortunately, no names were mentioned.

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