Xbox Two Report: Microsoft Takes Inspiration From Nintendo Switch, Xbox Boss "Very Excited" For Next-Gen Console

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Xbox fans, gather around for your weekly dose of Xbox news. This time around, a leak has been made regarding Microsoft’s future controllers. Moreover, Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed on an interview that he’s very excited for the future of Microsoft’s console capabilities.

Taking Inspiration From The Nintendo Switch?

Last week, we reported about a patent for a Sony controller which is speculated could be the “DualShock 5”. The controller isn’t that much different from the DualShock 4. The patent suggests that it will come with better battery life and a touchscreen.

This time around, Windows Central spotted a Microsoft research paper published back in October. The focus is to bring “console quality” streaming to phones and tablets with Project xCloud.

Regarding Project xCloud, it is Microsoft’s new game-streaming service to bring console-quality gaming to devices such as smartphones. The service was announced last month.

According to reports, Microsoft has been experimenting with new hardware designs for its next generation of games consoles. The research explores to enable traditional gaming experiences on mobile devices by incorporating tactile input controls.

As you can see from the photo, the controller can be split into two parts which are similar to Nintendo’s JoyCons. The research paper notes that the controller can be used either as a standalone control solution with one side of the pad, or it can be linked up to operate like a more traditional gamepad. Furthermore, Microsoft also suggests that the tech is ideal for AR and VR.

Is It Related To The Xbox Two?

Dailystar notes that the Xbox Two Scarlett is rumored to come in two variations. The first one is that it will be a cloud-only streaming box designed around a Netflix-style subscription service. Meanwhile, the other variation is that it will be a more expensive, super powerful, more traditional console. So it could be compatible with the Xbox Two.

However, Dailystar also notes that Microsoft labels this research as currently “speculative”, so don’t expect for it anytime soon. Even Windows Central reports that this research may be far away from turning into an actual product.

Xbox Boss “Very Excited” For Next-Generation Console Successor

On a recent interview with LevelUp, Phil Spencer revealed that he’s very excited for the future of Microsoft’s console capabilities.

According to Spencer, the reasons why he loves the consoles his company built is because they can build very special consoles. When he sees how games run on the Xbox One X, he finds it fantastic which is why he’s excited about what their company is going to do with future consoles.

As for the details regarding the Xbox Two, Spencer has remained tight-light on what the company is working on. But nevertheless, he did share his thoughts regarding cross-play support. He said:

“The thing I’ve always thought was a miss was we have so much content that’s locked to an individual device. If I play a console on a television, I play these games. If I play on PC I play those games. I play on a phone I play those games. Some of that’s great; because some of those games are purpose-built for that scenario. There are great stories and characters that should .. I think gaming brings people together. And I think the content that I love and the stories; I’d love to see it come to every device.”

What are your thoughts about Microsoft’s research paper? What about Spencer’s statement regarding their future consoles? Tell us in the comment section below.

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