Xbox Two Report: Microsoft Plans To Build New Relationships With The Asian Market For Future Generations

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Just another day in the console war between Microsoft and Sony. This time around, Microsoft is planning to establish new partnerships, opportunities and strong relationships with the Asian market, specifically with Japan, South Korea, and China for future generation.

The Job Listing

According to a report, Microsoft posted a job listing. The listing explains that the Microsoft Global Gaming Partnership & Development (GGPD) will be a division dependent on the branch of Xbox that seeks strategic alliances.

Here are the tasks/conditions/responsibilities written on the job listing:

  • The place of residence is not fixed, it requires Tokyo, South Korea or Shanghai. Also Redmond.
  • The purpose of this regional team should be to close agreements with potential partners.
  • The candidate will be the representative of Xbox in the territory.
  • You should deal with studios and developers to detect opportunities.
  • He will be in charge of several people.

Furthermore, the GGPD team that’s destined for Asia is required to start as soon as possible and streamline the processes. Apparently, Microsoft is in a hurry to establish new partnerships, opportunities, and strong relationships with Tokyo, South Korea, and Shanghai.

Preparing For The Xbox Two?

With the GGPD job listing, reports claim that this is indeed Microsoft’s way of laying the foundation for future generations in the Asian market. And especially given that the company’s next-gen hardware – Xbox Two “Scarlet” – is going to be released sometime in the near future, they definitely need to do so.

The Xbox One has already alienated the region somewhat with the lack of support for games popular in the region. There was also that development relationship between Japanese developer Platinum and Microsoft with the game Scalebound. It would be a waste to ignore such market and not try to patch things up.

When Is The Xbox Two Coming?

According to reports, Microsoft’s next-gen hardware will probably be released in 2020 at the earliest. This is also the same year that Sony’s PS5 is also expected to be released.

As for the name “Xbox Two”, it’s unclear whether it will be named as “Xbox Two”. There have been reports claiming that Microsoft is referring to its next console as “Project Scarlett”. However, given that the predecessor for the upcoming next-gen hardware is named “Xbox One”, it does make sense to call it “Xbox Two”.

What can you say about Microsoft’s plans in establishing new partnerships, opportunities, and relationship with the Asian market? Tell us in the comment section below.

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