Xbox Two: Release Date, Features, Specs, and More

Jasper Valdez
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With rumors and hearsays popping up now more than ever, it’s reasonable to think that the Redmond-based tech giant is already making moves behind the scenes. Nevertheless, it’s still a big question what features and form the Xbox Two will sport once it drops.

In light of this, we took it upon ourselves to gather every detail there is to know about the upcoming console. From release date to specs down to features, we tried our best to keep you posted in every respect. To start, just scroll down!

Release Date

As we mentioned earlier, the Xbox One X was just recently released. With this, it’s safe to assume that Microsoft isn’t gearing up for an Xbox 2 unveiling anytime soon.

According to the latest report, the Xbox two will not be present until 2020 or 2021 – that’s a period of two or three years from now. One obvious reason for this would be that the current technology isn’t going to provide a large leap from what we have now with the Xbox One X. Traditionally, Microsoft has always required a jump of eight folds when it comes to the processing unit of their new console. This will likely be the case with the Xbox Two.

AMD, the GPU provider of Microsoft for Xbox consoles, has revealed in their latest roadmap schedule that this leap wouldn’t be possible until 2020, which suggests that current estimates are on point.


Considering there’s still a long window of time before the Xbox Two arrives, we can only speculate on the device’s internals for now. However, recent updates have popped up online indicating that the said console is going to drop with AMD’s CPU and GPU on board. Judging from AMD’s recently released roadmap, the Xbox Two is slated to accommodate AMD’s new 7nm+ CPU and GPU architecture – either the Zen 2 or the Zen 3.

This new CPU and GPU will greatly boost the performance of the Xbox Two. If the Xbox One X plays games at 4K and 60fps in certain conditions, the Xbox Two will be able to do it while in standard mode.


When it comes to features there’s one thing that we’re certain about, backward compatibility. Seeing as the feature is proving to be a popular addition to the current console generation, there’s no reason for Microsoft not to adopt the program to the Xbox Two.

Another feature that Microsoft will put emphasis on is the integration of VR in their console. VR is a genre that’s becoming ever more popular nowadays despite its slow uptake. We definitely see the niche growing in the three-year time period before the Xbox Two arrives. So, expect the feature when the console drops.

Other than these, we’re still pretty clueless about other features arriving on the Xbox 2. however, as the launch date approaches, we’re sure that updates will become more abundant in this respect.

Overall, these developments are still conjectured as of the moment. However, it’s important to take note that these show possibilities – that’s why we can’t really label them as false altogether. As always, we urge our readers to take these updates with a grain of salt and look towards Microsoft for official confirmations.

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