Xbox Two To Release In 2020 Along With Its Rival PS5? Specs, Design and Price Specified

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Rumors about the Xbox Two are surfacing all over the wire. It is believed that the Microsoft’s upcoming gaming console will make its first appearance in 2020 along with its rival PS5.

Xbox Two Release Date

It can be recalled that the original Xbox One went on sale in 2013, and then the Xbox One S showed up in 2016. The momentous Xbox One X mid-gen refresh was offered in 2017. With this timeline, it appears that 2018 is certainly too early for an Xbox Two launch but by 2019 and 2020 that gaming console is going to start feeling a bit overdue. Though there are still no concrete details about the release date and the PS5 is probably to launch in 2020, tech enthusiasts believe that the Microsoft’s console might also appear during this year.

Xbox Two Design

Since there are still now available leaked images of the Xbox 2, it’s possible that the design of the device has yet to be finalized. With that being said, in case you see any pictures online, they’re most probably the concept images made by Microsoft’s fans. Keep in mind that the design might be one of the latest pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to fall into place after all the inner components have been finalized.

In spite of the progressions in cloud computing, local storage will still be a requisite, as will some potent graphics hardware. With that, it could mean that the box won’t wind up being too small. The console is also believed to have green or white highlights. According to Jez Corden from Windows Central, the much-anticipated console’s design has been in advancement for at least a year.

Xbox Two Specs

It is expected that the Xbox Two will boast more processing performance and graphics supremacy. This had lead to some speculations that it will have more than the six teraflops, which is present inside the Xbox One X, at any rate. The fans can also presume more and more video games pushing that 4K resolution border, which must be more of a permanent standard by 2019 or 2020.

Both the Microsoft’s pride and the PS5 are believed to have a separate graphics chip, instead of combining the CPU and GPU on one portion of silicon. That could mean faster frame rates at greater resolutions. The gamers could also experience good performance that even the most demanding games can run smoothly.

Moreover, the job listing which was posted on Microsoft’s website has hinted that the Redmond-based tech giant is keen to obtain cutting-edge graphics incorporated in its upcoming console. Aside from that, there are no other specific details about the console’s specs.

Xbox Two Price

As of now, you can currently acquire Xbox One X $450 to $480 price tag depending on where you’ll buy it. It’s worth noting that Microsoft will want to pack in lots more good features but wouldn’t want to price the Xbox Two too high. To make it simpler, there’s a possibility that the upcoming gaming console will be tagged at about the same level, or maybe a bit higher.

At this point, these are the known details about the Xbox Two. Always stay tuned for further information regarding Microsoft’s upcoming gaming console.

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