Xbox Two: New Console May Come As ‘Family of Devices’

Yves Amodia
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When Microsoft announced that it is currently working on the next generation of the Xbox, it surprised many people. The direct predecessor of Xbox Two just came out last year and has been incredibly successful. It is increasingly obvious that it is a move in Microsoft’s part to compete with the PlayStation. Recent news about the status of the upcoming Xbox indicates that it has a fighting chance to eat up the market share of its Japanese rival.

‘Family of devices’ of Xbox Two

It looks that Microsoft’s Xbox division is working not just on one device, according to Forbes. While the purpose of these “family of devices” is not yet clear, it could potentially be the streaming-enabled gaming console that pundits are pointing out as the next step for the Xbox.

Microsoft already previously indicated that the gaming industry is moving into a streaming future. In fact, some tech experts point out that there is a big chance that the Xbox Two will be the last of the console generations.

With the improved tech, it looks like Microsoft is targeting a “Netflix for gamers” model, according to Euro Gamer. This model has already tried with OnLive a few years ago. While it showed promise, it ultimately did not catch on. Since the tech infrastructure and development is so much better, Microsoft may just succeed in its ambition.

Other features in the new Xbox

The backward compatibility, which has been incredibly popular among Xbox One users, is said to return in Xbox Two. There is also a reason to assume that the new Xbox may come with VR/AR support. This trend is expected to be prevalent in the video game industry in the next few years.

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