Xbox Two Latest News, Updates and Rumors

Yves Amodia
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After Microsoft confirmed that an Xbox Two is coming, the tech blogosphere is buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming console. While nothing is confirmed as of yet, there are a lot of things that may be in store for Xbox fans when they get their hands on the product.

Latest Xbox Two news

Since it has not been a month yet since Microsoft officially announced the development of the Xbox Two, not much is known about it. But it is likely that it will be just like the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X in the sense that it will offer affordable and high-end options, according to Tech Advisor.

During the E3 2018 conference for the console, Xbox boss Phil Spencer also mentioned the importance of artificial intelligence in their current project. This could mean that virtual assistant Cortana will be integrated into the Xbox Two, according to

Rumors and leaks

With the increasing popularity of Sony’s PS Now subscription service, there is a big chance that the Xbox Two will be using cloud-based gaming technology. Since most experts and pundits predict this as the next trend in video gaming, this is certainly possible.

Apart from that, there is also the possibility that the Xbox Two will have augmented reality and virtual reality support. This may Microsoft’s chance to tap into the impressive power of its One X. In fact, Microsoft may be developing its own headset. The rumor was supported by the company’s confirmation that the One X supports the Windows 10 Mixed Reality headset technology.

Microsoft has not issued an official statement as to when the Xbox Two will be released. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, however, predicted that it could arrive as early as 2019, according to GameSpot.

Are you planning to buy the Xbox Two when it is released? What are you most excited about it? Comment below so we will know your thoughts!

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