Xbox Two With GDDR6 Memory In The Works: Microsoft Seeking Engineer To Handle Future Xbox Projects

Jasper Valdez
1:37 PM

It seems like Microsoft is already looking into the development of the Xbox Two. Just recently, the tech giant posted a job listing specifically looking for an engineer to lead the DRAM solutions development team – for current and future projects regarding the Xbox console.

In the listing, Microsoft indicated that they’re seeking an experienced senior electrical engineer, whose knowledge and skills encompasses ‘core engineering principles’ and an  in-depth understanding of the latest memory tech, primarily DDR3 and GDDR5, to fill up the spot. In addition to this, they shared that candidates who meet the criteria will be at the forefront of current and leading memory technology used in the latest Xbox platform and, most importantly, future consoles models.

Besides this, the Redmond-based tech innovator also hinted at the possible inclusion of the GDDR6 memory into the next Xbox console, the Xbox Two. In the post description, they explicitly stated that the engineer’s responsibilities will include handling of GDDR6 and other future ventures.

Now, what this latest update means for the Xbox Two is that Microsoft is already turning the wheels -meaning the console is already in the brainstorming phase or even under development. While it’s too early to confirm things, this particular scenario is indeed confirmation that things are starting to go into action. It’s also important to note that if development starts now then, it’s highly likely that current release estimates are on point, which sees the Xbox Two debut sometime in 2020 or early 2021.

Aside from an engineer, Microsoft also issued a job listing for an Xbox Storage. Similar with the engineer, the architect will be responsible for leading the development team tasked with storage solutions for the Xbox, which also clearly suggest that the Xbox two is on the way.

As always, we urge our readers to take these conjectures with a grain of salt seeing as Microsoft has not issued any concrete leads and confirmations on the existence of the Xbox Two.

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