Xbox Two: 7 Rumors That May Come True For The Next Gaming Console

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Since it is already five years since the first Xbox was released, many people feel that it is time for Microsoft to come up with the Xbox Two. The exciting new console is said to be already in the works, with the team behind Xbox One X crafting the architecture and the hardware.

Xbox Two rumors

Not much is known about the Xbox Two yet. These are seven rumors that may come true when the next Microsoft console hits stores:

It will feature some form of streaming

Many gaming experts point to streaming as the next frontier in the industry. While it would not be possible yet for Microsoft to adopt a full streaming platform, the Xbox 2 should at least have some streaming functions. This will enable the console to compete with Sony’s PlayStation Now service. It will not be likely that the next console will drop support for discs, however, due to the slow Internet service in some countries.

Hardware will be similar but quicker

There is a big chance that the hardware will be pretty much the same for the upcoming Xbox Two release. What Microsoft improved instead is the power of the console. This is due to the improved CPU architecture, increased CPU core count, and upgraded GPU structure.

Backwards compatibility may be featured

Microsoft has a great track record in introducing backwards compatibility for its console products. They did this with the Xbox 360 when it was introduced in 2005. The next entry in the series seems that it will follow suit. Xbox chief Phil Spencer certainly thinks so, according to Euro Gamer.

Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI will be part of the first two launch titles

With the excitement over Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI, Microsoft will do everything to clinch these two titles for its launch games. Estimates from experts certainly point to a 2020 release for both.

4K, 60fps is desired baseline

The Xbox One X is the console that came closest to a 4K resolution. If the upcoming Xbox Two manages to reach the 4K, it may force its competitors to adopt this new standard. Couple that with a 60fps frame rate and users will likely line up in stores for it.


Microsoft executive Mike Nichols himself said that there may be no virtual reality or mixed reality integration for the Xbox anytime soon, according to Games Industry. This could be part of the changing industry tune with regards to VR, which points to it being just a fad.

Release date will be 2020

Reports say that the next console is code-named “Scarlett.” Its potential release date is said to be 2020, based on the typical timeline for hardware product releases that Microsoft follows. There is even a rumor that the console will be officially known as Xbox 2020.

Which of these rumors about the Xbox Two do you think will come true? Which are you most excited about? Comment so that we will be able to know your thoughts.

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