Xbox Two, PS5: Will Next-Gen Consoles Be Discless?

Yves Amodia
6:18 PM

The video gaming industry is swiftly moving into the streaming era. This is as evidenced by recent news about the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two. While not much is known about the progress in the development of the next generation of consoles, it is becoming apparent that a discless future may be in close reach.

Discless Xbox Two and PS5?

Analysts Yung Kim and Michael J. Olson have suggested that discless devices are going to be a possibility, according to VGR. As early as 2022, there may no longer be physical media involved with these consoles. This can mean that the consoles will not be compatible with any disc feature. Another possibility is the PS5 and XBox Two not having disc drives upon release.

Those who have been hoping for backwards compatibility for both the consoles will be sorely disappointed. Considering all the consoles before the PlayStation 5 used discs, there will be no way for users to still play with their old gaming discs. Even if there is a chance that the next console generation will offer backwards compatibility, users will have to buy the old games again in another form.

Having said that, there is a big chance that the consoles going discless is not going to happen anytime soon. For one, a lot of Internet service providers have monthly data caps, which could limit gaming. Retailers will also be less likely to be in favor of discless consoles as they earn a lot from selling them.

Goodbye PS4?

Even though there has not been a definite progress plan that has been released publicly, the “date of death” of the PS4 is already set. John Coder, gaming division president of Sony, has said that it will stop the sale of the direct predecessor of the PlayStation 5 by March 2021, according to Mice Times.

Do you think the Xbox Two and PS5 will still have discs? How do you think will they look? Let us know by posting in the comments section.

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