Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro: Which One Should Take The Top Spot?

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The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X have been marked as the major shift in the gaming console. Now, these consoles will battle out against each other to prove which among them should be crowned as the best gaming console

Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro – Price and Release

The PS4 Pro has hit the market shelves in November 2016 and is tagged at £349.99. Sony’s improved gaming device has a pretty good value seeing its specs and features.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s contender was launched on 7 November and is priced at £449/$499. This is not a massive startup from the PS4 Pro, but it is still a hurdle that some people might not be eager to make.

Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro – Processor

Xbox One X: 8-core, 2.3GHz processor

PS4 Pro: 8-core, 2.13GHz processor

Sony’s much-owned gaming device is using an upgraded version of the original model’s chip with a somewhat boosted clock speed. The PS4 Pro now runs at a remarkable 2.13GHz, while the vanilla console holdups behind at 1.6.

The Xbox One X, on the other hand, has pinched a bit of a march on the Pro and it has a slightly faster processor. Nevertheless, the real meat in this comparison lies in the graphics evaluation.

Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro – Graphics

Xbox Scorpio: 6 TFLOPS, 326GB/s, 12GB GDDR5

PS4 Pro: 4.12 TFLOPS, 218 GB/s, 8GB GDDR5

For some reference: TFLOPs stands for trillion floating point operations per second. This is the simplest way of measuring graphical horsepower. Meanwhile, GB/s is the bandwidth of that memory, which tells the user how rapidly the GPU can move frames over the memory and out to the display. The more memory means there will be more high-resolution qualities the GPU can quickly access at any one time, thus increasing the device’s performance.

The PS4 Pro is equipped with an 8GB of GDDR5 and is furnished with an extra 1GB of RAM set aside for handling background processes. On the other hand, Xbox One X nets a full 12GB of GDDR5. Both of these gaming consoles share their memory between the GPU and CPU. But then, how much each gets is unidentified.

How will this affect gaming?

The difference in graphics power of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X will make a difference when it comes to both devices’ 4K chops. The American multinational company is targeting full, native 4K at 60fps, while not all of the PS4 Pro games reached that requirement. Some of the games run at 30fps in 4K, while others were able to manage full 60fps performance at full, native 4K. The remaining are a combination of games that only run at 30fps/4K or render at sub-4K and usage of clever upscaling systems to look 4K.

In contrast, the Xbox One games will run better on Xbox One X, whether or not they’ve been precisely updated to do so. Users will be capable of playing the One X games at Full HD too, with the choice as to whether gamers want to downscale from Ultra HD resolution for ultra-sharp graphics, or run the video games at 1080p for enhanced performance.

This is particularly dissimilar to the PS4 Pro, which has a custom of hiding these settings from its owners unless they’ve definitely chosen to run their console at Full HD only.

These are the specs, features, and prices of both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Which one do you think should be awarded as the best gaming console? Please share it with us through our comment section below.

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