Microsoft's Xbox All Access Could Spell Trouble For Sony

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Last March, it was revealed that Sony has sold around 75 million units of its PlayStation 4. On the other hand, Microsoft has only sold around 36 million units of its Xbox One.

But this time around, it seems like Microsoft has come up with a brilliant move to counter the disparity between sales. Apparently, the company has introduced the Xbox All Access which offers its gaming consoles on a monthly payment instead of having to pay the full price in one go.

The 3-in-1 Bundle

With the Xbox All Access, customers will have to pay a monthly fee for 24 months. They can choose the Xbox One S which costs $12.99 or Xbox One X at $34.99.

In addition to that, there are other benefits as well. Aside from the gaming console, customers will also have the ‘Xbox Live Gold’ which grants access to more than 100 great games, and ‘Xbox Game Pass’ for online multiplayer.

Don’t Get Too Excited Just Yet…

The deal seems pretty sweet, right? Yeah, it is. But before you jump around and celebrate, there are two issues that you need to be aware of.

The first issue, this is only made available in the US. The second one is that it’s a limited time offer.

But the way we see it, it’s currently in the “testing phase” done by the company to see if this payment method would work. If it does work, then we probably could see this being offered on other countries. Furthermore, perhaps it could also be applied with the upcoming Xbox Two ‘Scarlett’ as well.

The Release Date

Speaking of the Xbox Two ‘Scarlett’, it is expected to be coming in 2020. However, there have been reports suggesting that it could be released next year, but the probability of this low.

The Price Tag

For its price tag, it is expected to cost between £349 ($451) and £499 ($645). But take it with a pinch of salt. Who knows, Microsoft could surprise us.

What do you think? Is the deal being offered by Microsoft interesting? We would like to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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