WWE 2K20: The Ultimate What We Want To See Compilation List

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Wrestling fans and the gaming community were elated with the release of  WWE 2k19 back in October 2018. With the sequel, WWE 2k20, expected to be released at some point this coming October, here is an ultimate compilation list on the things that should be added to the game.

Note: This thing mentioned is based on the two articles of WhatCulture.

Tiny Details That 2K Sports Must Be Included In WWE 2K20

For the first part of the article, it would be about the 10 tiny details that should be included in WWE 2K20 that could help further improve the gaming experience. With that, here are the things that should be added:

  • Injury return storylines — As noted by WhatCulture, when a character gets injured in Universe Mode, they sit on the sidelines for a pre-determined period of time before returning as though nothing happened. There should at least be some sort of revenge storyline, a grand comeback or something.
  • Number 1 contender matches
  • General managers in Universe
  • Visualized body part damage
  • Variation in crowd animations
  • The old Royal Rumble camera angle
  • Stats for rumble matches
  • Controlling entrances
  • An expansive theme library
  • Playing as a WWE star in Career

The Most Wanted New Features

On this second part, we will be addressing the 10 most wanted new features. The new features include:

  • Functional Commentary
  • Proper Freedom With Backstage Areas
  • A Faster Game Engine
  • New Spin On Old Match Types
  • House Rules — Basically being able to add new rules.
  • A 2K cloud network
  • New graphics
  • A female in MyCareer — Basically having the option to play as a woman.
  • A female showcase
  • More emphasis on fantasy storylines

When Can We Expect WWE 2k20 To Be Released?

According to a report, WWE 2K20 is scheduled to be released either in the last quarter of 2019 or in early 2020. However, other reports mention that the game will come in three different variants including standard, Delux and Woo.

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