WWDC 2019 is next month (June 3 – 7). Although WWDC is generally considered an event that Apple uses to showcase its new software for software engineers, the Cupertino-based tech company has presented hardware in the event as well in the past.

Ignoring WWDC 2018 which was heavily focused on software, the 2019 Mac Pro and 31.6-inch Apple 6K3K display are expected to appear in WWDC 2019.

The 2019 Mac Pro

Although Apple officials have confirmed that the new Mac Pro is a 2019 product, they have been tight-lipped about the device’s specific announcement and release date.

With the 2019 Mac Pro‘s launch date kept under wraps, why are people are speculating that it will appear at WWDC 2019 then? There are a number of reasons, but the most likely reason is that the currently available Mac Pro (aka second-gen Mac Pro) debuted in WWDC 2013 and then was released in December 2013.

But what about the original Mac Pro (aka first-gen Mac Pro)? During its release, WWDC was held in August. It was revealed to the world during the WWDC 2006 and then got into the public’s hands within the same month.

As you can see, there’s one common factor that the first and second generation Mac Pro models shared regarding their debut/reveal date — WWDC.

The New Apple Display

There have been talks that Apple is working on a new display — a 31.6-inch Apple 6K3K which will offer outstanding picture quality thanks to its adoption of the Mini LED-like backlight design. The “6K3K” refers to the standard 6K resolution of 6,144 x 3,072 pixels.

But what does have to do with the 2019 Mac Pro? Back in 2017, Apple said that they start to sell a new display when they launch the new Mac Pro. With this, it led to reports assuming that this new Apple display will most likely be presented alongside the Mac Pro 2019.

But What If The 2019 Mac Pro And The New Apple Display Are A No-Show At WWDC 2019?

If this is the case and considering that the new Mac Pro will arrive in 2019 and the new Apple display is expected to appear alongside it, our most likely bet is October.

As we’ve mentioned in our previous articles, Apple usually holds 3-4 events annually: March, June, September, and October.

The Cupertino-based tech company usually holds an event in October if there are iPads and Macs expected to come.

As for the chances of Apple doing a low-key or surprise launch, we personally don’t think that will happen. Given that the 2019 Mac Pro is a highly-anticipated and long-awaited device, we expect that Apple would like to present it at a big event where all eyes are on them.

Do you think the 2019 Mac Pro and the 31.6-inch Apple 6K3K display appear at WWDC 2019? Tell us in the comment section below.