WWDC 2018: What To Look Out For In This Year's Apple Developer Conference

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This 4th of June will mark one of the biggest tech events of the year, Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). In this momentous event, numerous media outlets and developers from all around the globe gather in a week-long function to witness what the legendary tech giant has in store for its dedicated users.

From operating system updates to new device features, WWDC has always been Apple’s primary avenue in releasing software related improvements and innovation. However, this year might not just be all about that as Apple broke tradition in last year’s conference when they revealed the Apple Homepod,  iPad Pro 12.9 and iPad Pro 10.5. Taking this new trend in Apple’s yearly showcase into account, here are key announcements that you should definitely look out for this WWDC 2018.

iOS 12 Update

Going with tradition, Apple will more than likely present enhancements to its operating system the iOS. A first on this big list will be the arrival of iOS 12. According to TechRadar, iOS 12 will forego tweaks that were initially slated to upgrade design elements on the home screen for amendments that will fix issues on performance, security, and overall device stability. Apple is also said to be making an important announcement regarding its more recent project involving Augmented reality (AR).

On top of this, Apple will also be debuting the much-anticipated macOS 10.14 during this year’s WWDC event. This new update will bring a new system feature which will enable Macbook users to run iOS apps natively on the device. Also in line to receive significant tunings are the Apple Watch, through the watchOS 5, and the Apple TV, through the release of tvOS 12.

Although the abovementioned improvements are set to make a debut on the conference, Macworld argues that these enhancements will not be dropping anytime soon on Apple’s products. They note that the updates will most likely be released later this year.

iPad Pro 3, iPhone SE 2, and a new Macbook

Aside from system improvements, WWDC 2018 will also see the unveiling of a new iPad in the form of the iPad Pro 3. According to recent reports, the new iteration of the iPad will come sporting a bigger screen with narrower bezels, the new and improved Facial recognition that’s implemented on the iPhone X, and much faster processors.

In addition to this, recent rumors suggest that another device will also be making an appearance on the show, the iPhone SE 2. The device is said to come with a full and bezel-less screen, however, many news outlets believe that Apple will not be introducing the iPhone SE 2 during the event or anytime soon for that matter. Speculations have also risen detailing that Apple will be adding a new MacBook into the mix of their confirmations during the event. This new edition, rumors say, will be employed with a 13-inch retina display screen modeled after the MacBook Air.

New Homepod variant

Although it was just last year that we saw apple reveal its new product, the Apple Homepod, news about a new device model set for a WWDC 2018 showing has reached many ears in the online community. This new smart audio device will reportedly come as a smaller and cheaper version of the original Homepod. However, exciting as this development may sound,  an outing for the rumored new edition is unlikely to occur during WWDC 2018 seeing as the Homepod was just newly released and is still trying to gain momentum.

Interested participants can now register for Apple’s WWDC 2018 starting March 22. Attendees are randomly selected from the registrants through a lottery. Those who are chosen can then proceed to the next step of the process, which involves availing for a ticket worth $1599. The tech event will run from June 4 to June 8 and will be held at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

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