WWDC 2018 Update: Here’s What To Expect On The Upcoming iOS 12

Maricris Jose
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The Worldwide Developer Conference aka WWDC 2018 will transpire in less than a month. During the said event, the iOS 12 is expected to be announced along with new products from the Cupertino based company.

iOS 12 New Features

Of course, new features are expected to be present with the release of the iOS 12. Here are some of them:

Animojis in More Places

Apple is slated to bring more Animojis to iOS 12 to be used with the iPhone X Face ID camera.  It can be recalled that the iOS 11.3 already offered four new Animoji, but many are still expecting more.

Aside from that, it’s also expected that the navigation of these animated character masks must get easier too. That’s significant because to have a better use, they have to run off with Apple Messages confines. This is where the Animojis are presently submerged.

It’s also worth noting that Apple’s Animoji character may make two hedges this year. First one will be the natural jump to FaceTime for video chats behind the virtual robot, panda, and even poop mask. The second will be something that will be new to the iPad Pro 2018 Face ID camera.

Better Autocorrect System

The Apple device users could have endured this iOS 12 change under fixes, but it’s worthy to be mention. Everybody surely wants a better autocorrect from the inbuilt iOS keyboard since as of this moment, it’s really terrible. This may be due to Apple’s praiseworthy bearing on privacy, with all of the smarts occurring on the iOS device itself or masked so that personalities aren’t recognizable.

Apple claims that it’s not excavating your data similar to what you can find on some Android devices. But despite that, the iOS device owners also wanted a smarter keyboard that doesn’t auto-capitalize and autocorrects erratically. The iOS 12 is Apple’s impeccable chance to balance differential privacy with its fans’ typing needs.

Flexible Face ID

Aside from bringing the Face ID to iPad, the Cupertino-based tech giant might also be planning to make it function when the handset is in landscape orientation instead of working only in portrait. At best, this improvement is expected to be a part of the iOS 12 update.

System-Wide Password Manager

In addition to the ones mentioned above, it’s also expected that the iOS 12 will convey a system-wide password manager and not just a username and password saved in Safari. Even though the Face Unlock and Touch ID are already securing the gadget, there’s little fear in depend on a password manager on mobile handsets. Aside from that, remembering passwords to numerous different applications seems like an inefficient second layer of security.

Grouped Notifications

The iOS 12 may lastly bring a fix to having numerous notifications in chronological order. Grouping then notifications together would make the iOS device owner’s life easier, as long as it’s not in a different way than what’s in the iOS 9 with heaps of spacing between significant alerts. The Android Oreo does this pleasantly, and the iOS 12 could effortlessly lift this feature too.

Aside from the features mentioned above, the iOS 12 is also expected to convey Group FaceTime, Always on display hints, new iOS 12 wallpaper and camera controls in the camera app. But even though these enhancements are remarkable, keep in mind that these are just based on rumors and speculations. Thus, these advised to be taken with a grain of salt. Always stay tuned for further announcements regarding the iOS 12 new features and release.

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