iOS 12, macOS 10.14, watchOS 5, tvOS 12: Everything We Expect To See At WWDC 2018

Jasper Valdez
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Now that Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference is just around the corner, it’s only fitting to wonder what surprises might be in store for us. With this in mind, we’ve listed down all of the possibilities that the Cupertino- based tech giant is gearing up to introduce this year during the much-awaited function. But rather than hardware, we’re all about the original intent of this gathering that is software!

iOS 12

Probably the most awaited upgrade that everyone is keeping an eye on is the iOS 12. It’s not really that surprising anymore as Apple traditionally used WWDC to introduce new enhancements and improvements in their products’ software, which puts emphasis on their mobile handsets. That’s why it’s that the new firmware will be the star of the show more than any other.

Without further ado, we expect this new iteration to come with a more holistic approach to user experience, enhancing processing and improving device fluidity. Aside from this, we also expect the new software to improve on macOS App integration, which, as reports say, is one of Apple’s current endeavors. In addition to this, many believe (Including us) that AirPlay 2 will also be dropping through the update, which was initially scheduled to appear on iOS 11.3.

macOS 10.14

Another announcement which many are expecting this WWDC 2018 is the arrival of macOS 10.14. Just recently, through latest reports, we’ve heard that Apple is indeed working on the new software for the Mac lineup inside their headquarters, which gives us hope that it will appear in the function.

In terms of changes, this new firmware version, according to Tech Advisor, will be focusing on security and performance. In addition to this, the new operating system will also feature cross-platform support through App integration with the iOS platform, enabling users to use iOS apps on Mac computers.

watchOS 5

Although the Apple Watch struggled with its first steps into the market scene, now it has become an irreplaceable product when it comes to wearables. That’s why we think it’s only natural for Apple to make announcements regarding the gadget on WWDC 2018, especially software-wise.

According to the latest reports, Apple is said to be planning something big for the watch this year. From additional watch faces down to Spotify integration, the tech mogul really does intend to enhance their customer’s experience when using the watch. Aside from this, rumors also indicate that the watch will also receive FaceID, which Apple plans to make a standard feature on their products.

tvOS 12

Though the least talked about Apple product, Apple TV is another strong contender when it comes to WWDC 2018. We expect Apple to drop new updates about the device’s new system, which is the tvOS 12, albeit it won’t be as grand as those on this list.

According to Valuewalk,  Apple might unveil new original content for the technology in order to boost unit sales. Aside from this, they also see the tech innovator improving Apple TV’s integration with HomeKit, which, in theory, will allow consumers to increase overall home functionality.

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