WWDC 2018 Concentrated On Software As Apple Wanted Fans To Use Its Hardware Longer

Maricris Jose
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A lot of Apple fans were expecting to see iPhone SE2, MacBook Pro 2018, and other devices during the WWDC 2018. But then the event focused on software which seems to indicate that the Cupertino-based tech giant wanted its fans to use their hardware for longer periods of time.

According to Wired, it really makes sense that the WWDC is focused on software. But still, Apple has steadily used this event to present some of its hardware. As a matter of fact, during the WWDC last year, the company showed off the HomePod, iMac Pro, and new desktops computers. In case you’re aware of the rumors, you might have anticipated seeing a new iPhone SE, MacBook models, or even an iPad Pro 3 or a Mac Pro during the WWDC 2018.

Though it’s a bit disappointing, there may be reasons why Apple has done such move. Here it is

First, this may be the company’s reaction to the battery adjusting issue that caused Apple to write an erratic response on its Website way back in December 2017. For years the iPhone owners are claiming that the Cupertino-based company is slowing down their devices to push them to upgrade. To frequent upgraders, this is like a tin-foil hat scheme, but then it turned out to be factual, to an extent.

Apple downgrades the performance of iPhones as the handset’s battery degrades. This is a feature that can be inactivated in iOS 11.3 and iOS 11.4. This, to a degree, preserves battery life as the devices age. The CPU adjusting is to some extent legitimate, but the story put an indent in consumer assurance. Apple is a firm that really cares a lot about its customer satisfaction and any coercion to brand fidelity.

With that, making old iPhones run better is an uplifting act as it tells the customers to upgrade when they want to, and at the same time questioning if an Android let them do that? Aside from that, almost all of the new Android phones feature screens that fill the devices’ front over any iPhone bar the iPhone X.

It can be recalled that when the 2018 iPhones are announced in, most possibly, September, it appears questionable that any will feature a 16:9 screens. The benefits are real for anything starting from gaming to browsing and reading webpage, and by that point, virtually no high-end Android smartphones will sport a 16:9 screens.

This could indicate a truly huge iPhone series upgrade this year, one that restores more of a variety instead of allowing older models become lower cost options. An iPhone SE2 during the WWDC with a more lively display would have destabilized every existing model up to the iPhone 8 Plus.

When it comes to the MacBook line up, the obvious reason why Apple isn’t updating it yet is that the company considers its own upgrade timeline to take a seat above that of the extensive industry. Its own design determinations, the trackpad and keyboard technologies and the Apple’s work on the belligerent Touch Bar are more significant than those of internal components that are produced by other companies.

There’s really a possibility that Apple just wanted its fans to use their products longer or whatever the company’s reason behind not launching any hardware during the WWDC 2018, only the firm knows. With that, it seems that the Cupertino-based company’s fans will still have to wait for the hardware releases. Stay tuned as we’ll surely keep you updated.

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