Windows 10 Redstone 5 Update: Useful Features And Changes Detailed

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Maintaining the largest operating system in the planet is a very serious job and this is what Microsoft is feeling right now. With the release of the new update for their Windows 10 OS, many Windows users are wondering what they could get with the new update.

Known as the Redstone 5 update that is expected to roll out to the public this fall, the newly bump Windows 10 will have cool, new features that might be helpful for our daily tech needs.

The newly added Sets is one of the highlights and one of the biggest changes in Windows 10 experience. Instead of toggling to a program that is currently open, each window now will get their own tabs inside of them. One of the practical ways of using it is if you’re using Word and searching in the net for your content. Rather than opening up a browser, and switching over the two programs that you’re using, now, in the same window, you’ll get all you need without exiting out of your program.

The Alt+Tab shortcut key will now be used differently. Currently, this keyboard shortcut is used for switching to another open program but with Sets, it will give you selections of the currently open tabs in your set of programs. It will streamline all of the programs used in the current window and you can toggle between the programs inside of your sets. If you don’t like the current behavior of the Alt+Tab switch, an option can be changed depending on the user’s preference.

Another notable change will be the Start menu’s search function widely known as Cortana search. In the new Redstone 5 update, Cortana searches will now preview some details of what you’re typing in the search bar in a preview pane. The preview will show if the search result came from the internet or on your local drive.

One feature that gamers will love about the new Windows Redstone 5 update would be the Game Bar. This new addition will provide information of your computer’s internal performance like frame rates, the usage of CPU and GPU and other useful graphs. With this, you basically know and can constantly monitor your setup without the need for any 3rd party software. Improved Game Mode will also be present for enhancing the gaming experience of the user.

Windows Mixed Reality, a combination of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) will be suited specifically with the company’s HoloLens. Now that we are closing into the dates where the new generation HoloLens are expected to be released, Microsoft will most likely place something special in this department in preparation for the company’s future move.

The overall Windows 10 design will get improvements. Starting from the aesthetic side of every window of an application down to the color palette used to the tabs. The user interface will also provide better visuals and will show more effects. For now, there is no definite time on when the Redstone 5 update is going to happen for the public but experts are expecting it to come around September or October of this year. 

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