Will The Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 End Single-Player Offline Games?

Yves Amodia
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Both Microsoft and the Sony have confirmed that streaming is definitely in the works for both the Xbox Two and PlayStation 5. The two companies already have their own streaming services but with improving Internet infrastructure, the question now is how big the streaming component of the next consoles will be.

Streaming-only future for PS5 and next-gen XBox?

With the majority of the video gaming industry moving towards streaming, a lot of experts have declared that it may be the end of single-player offline gaming as we know it. Streaming is definitely a consideration for developers as companies have to find a way to move forward. But will the industry be letting go of something that has worked for so long entirely? Another question that should be asked is how single-player offline gaming would exist when everything is done through subscriptions, according to NDTV.

It looks that as of the moment, the video game industry will retain single-player offline games. This is because developing countries form a big part of the customer base and Xbox and PS5’s eventual customer base. These nations are known to have horrible service. For now, while major movements toward streaming may be achieved, we may have to wait for a few more years for streaming-only games.

Streaming will definitely bring major innovations to the gaming experience, according to Mashable. It will free up the processing power of the console while avoiding the big downloads that infamously haunts people waiting for game updates.

Coming competition from Google

Both PS5 and Xbox Two should act fast as it looks like a new player may be entering the market soon. Google is said to be set to launch a new game console and streaming service called Yeti. This could be bad news for the companies, considering it is also facing competition from Nintendo.

Will you miss single-player offline games? Would you still play consoles if they become streaming-only in the future? Let us know your thoughts through the comments section below.

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