Will We See One More MacBook Air 2018 Launch This October Event?

Daphne Planca
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The tech giant Apple appears to intentionally retire the aging notebook, the MacBook Air. This laptop has not been improved that much ever since it debuted when the former chief executive officer (CEO) Steve Jobs introduced it as a revamped laptop during his final years with the company.

The company began retreating from the usual classic design of the laptop when Tim Cook became CEO. The 12-inch MacBook featured a truly impressive retina display with a slimmer, smaller, and lighter design. However, the price tag was quite expensive because of its Intel Core M processors and more costly than the MacBook Air.

In terms of specifications, MacBook Air has been given a few boosts every so often like some extra RAM and a processor boost. Apart from that, the laptop remains the same. However, many reports surfaced online that the company might be giving the laptop a serious refresh this year as MacBook Air 2018.

After all, the laptop still continues to be saleable even if it is surpassed by some laptops in the Mac lineup. This is likely because it’s the only sub-$1000 MacBook in the company. Unfortunately, the MacBook Air 2018 was not mentioned in the company’s recent “Gather Round” event last month.

In spite of that, the company is still speculated in works to roll out updates to MacBook Air 2018 probably this month. Reports suggested the company is known in such a release strategy. One example was when the iPad Mini was introduced on October 16, 2012. Afterward, the iPad Air and iMac were unveiled as well.

The current iPhone XR is significant during the company’s “Gather Round” event. This is the iPhone line’s budget-friendly device. The company featured the headset as its “One More Thing” headliner. If ever the speculated reports of the upcoming MacBook Air 2018 are accurate, then it would be convincing to assume that the revamped laptop might be its “One More Thing” for the company’s October event.

So, what are your thoughts about the revamped MacBook Air 2018? Would you purchase this or not? Share your thoughts by writing in the comment section below.

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