Will Jamie Lannister Be Able To Find His Real, Core Identity In Game Of Thrones Season 8?

Mohnish Singh
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If you have been a diehard fan of the fantasy drama series Game Of Thrones since it premiered its first season in 2011, then it’s certain you have been waiting for the latest season with bated breath. Filled with all the important staples of the series, like love, lust, politics, and power game, the forthcoming season is going to be a must watch as it will conclude the series once and for all.

Being the binge-watchers, we know that besides being a series about the rivalry, discord, and power, Game Of Thrones is also about characters’ individualism and their true identity. While many significant characters on the show, including Arya and Jon Snow, have tried to explore their core identities, Game Of Thrones season 8 will offer Jaime Lannister an opportunity to find his true self. Jaime will strive to learn things about him which many of the characters have already figured out and that is that no matter what you can’t change your core self. You cannot change who you are.

The character of Jaime Lannister has garnered immense love of the audience, despite being one of the lead villains on the show. Bolstered by impeccable writing as well as the impassioned performance by actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Jaime has become one of the most loved characters from the whole cast. The new twists and turns in his life in the GOT 8 are definitely going to pique the curiosity of the audience.

In season 7, Jaime was separated from his lover/sister Cersei. Speaking to Vanity Fair about what led to this separation, actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime, avowed he knew it was coming. “That was great because then you know. . . . She’s actually almost ready to kill him, it seems for a second, and that breaks his heart because his whole life has been about her.”

It will be quite exciting to know what the season 8 has in store for fans. Whether or not Jamie will find a new version of himself is something which remains to be seen. Currently being shot in Belfast, Games Of Thrones Season 8 wraps up its shoot in December 2018 to return in April 2019.

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