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Many of you must be wondering who is Zayn Malik? And why you should know more about him. Well, then let us tell you that Zayn Malik is the newest sweetheart of contemporary music. He is dating the popular American supermodel Gigi Hadid and his hit singles are rocking the west like anything.

Starting his career with the British Music Competition, The X Factor, Zayn has come a long way. Now that makes quite a good case for us to know more about Zayn Malik. Let us peek into life his more through the below facts.

Participation in Music Competition

Zayn Malik was born and brought up in West Yorkshire, England. At a young age of 17, he wanted to follow his passion in music and participated in British Music Competition as a solo artist. But, unfortunately, he got eliminated. Zayn Malik came back with a bang into the competition in a band called “One Direction”. In 2015, he has although parted his ways with the music group.

Debut Track

His maiden hit track “Pillowtalk” which was composed in alternative R&B style made his first debut track for a male artist to release both in UK and US. Owing to his debut composition, Zayn Malik has gathered many accolades in American Music Award, Billboard Music Award, and MTV Video Music Award.

Zayn’s 5 Best Singles

Though Zayn Malik has delivered, many hit singles since his start in 2010 till now. According to US billboard, his most loved songs are –

Pillowtalk – His first hit single is energetic and very refreshing in comparison to the existing breed of artists in the category.

It’s You – This track is mesmerizing with a unique softness and captures deepest feelings of love and desires. This will instantly turn you Zayn’s fan.

Befour – Sounding great once, in this track, Zayn manages to groove his audience every time he utters those lyrics.

Like I Would – This track completely focuses on Zayn Malik’s vocal chords. He voice is clear, catchy and rhythmic and expresses feelings with a perfect background score to match.

Fool For You – Wow, this one will catch anyone’s attention. He uses his best vocal abilities with the music to woo the listeners in this one. A must listen for all.

Music Style

Zayn Malik is profoundly talented in contemporary urban music. His music styles include – R&B, hip-hop, and reggae as well as bop and Bollywood music. There are many influencers for Zayn Malik whom he fondly follows. The likes of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, R. Kelly, Usher, Donell Jones, Prince and Chris Brown. Zayn is a multi-talented singer and his vocal are powerful and creative, a strong reason why audiences swoon over his numbers easily.

Personal Side

Zayn Malik is a self-confessed fan of tattoos. He sports dyed hair in green color. And Zayn has a fear for waters. He was named World’s Sexiest Asian Man in an online poll by British Daily. Zayn has dated Perrie Edwards, during early 2012 and was engaged to her. Later, owing to personal reasons the engagement was called off. He is dating American supermodel, Gigi Hadid since 2015 and they have appeared for Vogue magazine cover page.


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