Why Samsung May Be the Ideal Manufacturer of the World's First Foldable Phone

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Ever since it was reported that Samsung is working on releasing the world’s first foldable smartphone dubbed as Galaxy X, other manufacturers have also expressed interest in getting into the foldable phone race. These manufacturers pose a serious threat to Samsung’s head start. There are, however, a few reasons why the Korean tech giant is in the best position to give the world its first foldable smartphone.

Samsung’s unexpected advantage

One of Samsung’s biggest advantages over other tech companies is its AI assistant Bixby, according to Forbes. While it has been scoffed at as a minor competitor of Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, Bixby’s functional focus on in-phone voice control may prove to be a gift for Samsung.

For example, the grouped commands of Bixby will make navigating the new foldable smartphone easier. This Bixby feature performs a set of actions once the assistant hears a particular assigned keyword. As far as AI smartphone assistants go, this is already advanced as it goes beyond just giving the users directions on how to go to a particular setting or folder on the phone.

Even with the seeming compatibility of Bixby to a foldable smartphone, Samsung does not intend to rest on its laurels. It is investing heavily in AI research to ensure that Bixby is at its best. The company has hired 1000 AI experts that are working on the AI assistant in different research centers in Canada, the UK, and Russia.

Samsung is also in a great position to deliver the first foldable smartphone i.e. Galaxy X as it has already spent years researching and testing, according to Tech Radar. In fact, it showed off a prototype of how foldable phones will look like back in 2011. Even when the device did not look as modern as it should, it exhibited a durability that current phone manufacturers will envy.

After a rough few years due to issues with its Galaxy Note 7, Samsung’s credibility and profitability are at stake. This is why the foldable smartphone design can come as early as February 2019, when the Samsung Galaxy X hits stores.

Potential competition from Apple and other Android phone manufacturers

The tightest competition of Samsung in getting the first foldable phone is another Android manufacturer: Huawei. Reports say that Huawei targets to release a foldable phone in the market by November, according to Forbes.

It looks like Huawei specifically fast-tracked its efforts so that it can beat Samsung. That could be bad news for the Korean giant as the Chinese upstart has a legitimate chance to steal its crown. For so long, the concept of foldable phones has been associated with Samsung so it would be a massive disappointment for them if they will not able to deliver this innovative technology.

While Apple is slow to start with its development, the American conglomerate is working slowly but surely towards a foldable iPhone, according to CNET. The projected release for the product is 2020 but due to the engineering talent and R&D funds that Apple attracts, it would not be far-fetched for it to eclipse other manufacturers.

Do you think Samsung will be the first to release a foldable smartphone (Galaxy X)? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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