Whoa! K-Pop Stars BTS and Monsta X Belt Out Songs In English On New Singles

Mohnish Singh
1:35 PM

If we talk about some of the most popular music genres at the moment in the world, there is no way one forgets to include K-Pop. Within such a short span of time, the genre has cultivated a fanbase which rivals any other popular music genre and even artists, for that matter. Some of these genres must have been there for several decades. And when we talk about K-Pop music scene, no discussion is complete without mentioning the ultimate star of the genre, BTS, a seven-member boy group brought into being by Big Hit Entertainment.

Ever since BTS came into existence, it has been creating history on charts in several countries across the globe. They have released a couple of albums which have created history when it comes to their total sale in various parts of the globe. In a bid to expand their popularity and reach, the group is now joining forces with other popular artists to belt out songs in one of the most popular languages in the world – English.

If you follow international music trend, you know Steve Aoki has rolled out two singles in the past six months. The tracks stand out for something other than their peppiness. Both songs were sung in English. The first song was “Waste It On Me,” where Aoki collaborated with BTS. The vocal group teamed up with the musician to craft a true electro-pop jam, which sees them singing entirely in English for the very first time.

A couple of days ago, Aoki released yet another English track called “Play It Cool”. For this song, the musician joined hands with another K-Pop group named Monsta X. Just like BTS, Monsta X also enjoys an enviable fanbase in many parts of the world, which ensured that “Play It Cool” opened to a thunderous response on charts.

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