Spoiler Alert: A Lead Character Departs in The Walking Dead Season 8

Purnima Gupta
10:37 PM

This could be the worse news for all the binge watchers. One of the most watched TV series on the US television, The Walking Dead, is all set to see off a most loved character of its show. We are sure this move would not please the viewers. It can also disrupt the course of the show drastically. Carl (Chandler Riggs) will bid goodbye to the show, he was appearing on the show since is debut run in 2010.

In the show, Carl plays the son of Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes since the age of 11. The lead actor, Carl, confirmed this news while giving an interview to a newspaper daily. He confirmed that his character will cease to appear but this change is likely to serve a very good purpose in the show. Already, Carl’s character in the show has been bitten by a Walker and fatally shot twice. This move is thus, regarded much-needed outcome in The Walking Dead show by show makers.

However, Carl has expressed that during The Walking Dead episode 9, which will be aired in mid-2018, the departure will impact other important characters of the show. Though, he supported this step by the directors as another stepping stone. The actor further confirmed that this twist was revealed to him during June this year.

The Walking Dead episode 9

The show “The Walking Dead” will be aired on AMC in the US during February 2018. On the other hand, this shows season 6 and 7 has been getting low viewership among audiences. Also, some rave reviews have been seen on IMDB for this show. This can be a potential reason for this unanticipated twist in the Walking Dead tale.

Does this news make you even sad about this show? Do let us know in your comments below.

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