The Walking Dead Season 10: Are Rick Grimes And Maggie Rhee Returning To The Series?

Mohnish Singh
2:32 PM

After impressing audiences with The Walking Dead Season 9, the makers of the post-apocalyptic horror television series have confirmed that AMC will soon return with The Walking Dead Season 10. Though there is no official announcement on its premiere date, the latest season is indeed in the works at AMC, which itself is a great development for all the fans of The Walking Dead.

At the moment, we do not know what is going to be the storyline of The Walking Dead Season 10. However, if we take a close look at the finale of season 9, we find that it introduced the possibility of the survivors contacting other communities via a radio. Now, this has led fans asking one legitimate question: Could the survivors contact two of the shows most-loved characters – Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohen)?

Both Andrew and Lauren have been an integral part of the series from the very beginning. They bowed out of it in its ninth season, leaving a huge hole in the communities and, of course, in the hearts of fans spread across the world. Rumour mill has been in overdrive of late, suggesting the possible return of Rick and Rhee over the radio when Ezekiel (Khary Payton) got in touch with a community far away.

Angela Kang, The Walking Dead showrunner, also hinted at their return at some point in the future. “What does that mean? Who is it? The answer to that will provide some interesting twists for the story going forward,” she told an entertainment portal in reference to the radio. When asked about their return, Kang said, “Obviously, the idea is that Rick and Maggie and all these people are alive in our universe.”

Not just Rick Grimes and Maggie Rhee, The Walking Dead Season 10 will also drop some details about Whisperer leader Alpha (Samantha Morton) and lieutenant Beta (Ryan Hurst). Fans can get to know the exact nature of their relationship in the upcoming season.

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