These Viral Wanderlust Photos Will Make You Fall For Travelling

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For those who have itchy feet and think beyond adventure travel then, this one is for you.

Do you know what it takes to be a true traveler in its soul and spirit? Travel is definitely more than just packing your bag, wearing gaudy clothes and showing off your pictures of adventure to the world. Travel is related to soul-searching. While traveling, some end up meeting their own self in the wilderness of the surroundings. For some, it simply brings out the human in them.

Travel is a passion, more than a narrow escape it’s a chance to find our own true self. However, wanderlust is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hunting for the wanderlust brings out the emotional rush which connects the traveler with the place.

We are presenting a list of imageries that will provide eternal bliss to the soul searcher inside you.

Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan


Lake Kaindy came into existence when rainwater started filling the valley following post-quake shocks in 1911. It is a 400-meter long water body near Almaty city. The lake water is as cold as 6 degrees even in summers. Lake usually freezes during winters and becomes a great spot for trout fishing and ice diving.

Comino Island, Malta

Azure Window in Gozo

Comino is a small island situated between Malta and Gozo in the Mediterranean sea. Today, the island is better known as a bird sanctuary and nature reserve. Comino Island is named after the cumin seeds which once flourished on this beautiful island.

Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

Situated in North of Ethiopia, Simien Mountains National Park is full of natural beauty. A destination far away from the human population, this national park houses rare species of Gelada Baboons. It also offers mesmerizing views of the valley, plateaus, and peaks like Ras Dashen mountain.

Curieuse Island, Seychelles

Aerial view of Curieuse Island

Curieuse Island is situated on the north coast of Praslin, Seychelles. This island has red sand with a special kind of Coco Der Palm trees. The island houses Anse St. Joseph education center and museum which was built around 1965 and is quite isolated.

The Grottoes of Hercules, Morocco


The Grottoes of Hercules or caves of Hercules is situated in Tangier, Morocco. These caves are also linked with Greek mythology. It is believed that Hercules came to take rest in these caves when he was assigned to 12 types of labors by King Eurystheus.

Colco Canyon, Peru

Colca Canyon

Colco Canyon dates back to the Incas civilization in Peru. These canyons have a river and are one of the deepest trekking destinations in the world. Colco Canyon provides shelter to the traditional village where people still do terrace agriculture which dates back to Incas period.

Hope our list of the wanderlust from across the globe, will make pack your bags. Share your comments and your travel bucket list below.

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