[UPDATED] AirPods 2 Around The Corner As AirPods Goes Out Of Stock?

Daphne Planca
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UPDATE: The AirPods stock is now back. It is reported to be a system error, so AirPods 2 may not be on the way.

When the tech company Apple ran out of stock of its bestselling wireless headphones AirPods on its official website, it caused many speculations because it suggests that a new version i.e. AirPods 2 is on the way. The headphones showing zero availability in the online stores indicated its huge hit ever since its launch two years ago.

Apple is assumed to be hosting a launch event for its revamped iPad Pro lineup soon alongside the new AirPods, which are thought to be included on the agenda. These earbuds are long overdue for an update even if the company has been reportedly reworking its Beats lineup of earbuds in recent weeks.

The stores across the US and throughout various other international markets showed that the stock of these earphones is still available. The shipping is estimated to begin tomorrow. These stocks will soon be depleted entirely, which could suggest that the second-generation is coming.

In terms of specifications, these upcoming AirPods 2 will feature the noise canceling technology and wireless charging support. It is noted that its wireless charging case was already revealed last year, as well as the AirPower charging mat. Of course, this case will be available as a separate accessory. This will let the users have the ability to charge both the earbuds and the case. You just simply place the earbuds on top of a compatible charger.

These noise-canceling headphones will come with the charger in the box. They will have a largely unchanged external design. AirPods 2 is also expected to integrate water resistance, improved battery life, and a new audio chip. The new always-on Siri support has been speculated for quite some time now for the earbuds.

So far, these are purely speculations and no guarantee that these earbuds will arrive. However, if ever it truly happens, then the consumers expected a surprise announcement at the hardware event later this month with iPad Pro lineup. At this moment, the company has not yet officially confirmed a date for the rumored event.

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