Are You Underweight? Here's Why To Keep A Check On Your BMI?

Purnima Gupta
2:28 PM

They say – Health is Wealth. However, most of us do not take this very seriously. Billions of people in this world live to eat. Across the world, there are endless food preparations done every day to satiate billions of people of all ethnicities. There are cultures that propagate how food is an integral part of their civilization. Like in Hinduism, people follow mass cooking and eating rituals from the birth of a child till the death of an elderly. Food and eating are celebrated everywhere.

It is a fact that human bodies thrive on food. And it’s no crime to eat until you are full. On the other hand, overeating is regarded as the main culprit behind excessive weight gain, along with certain medical conditions like hypothyroidism and crushing’s syndrome. From the very start of our lives, weight plays a crucial role in our overall health. It is important for newborns and toddlers to gain continues weight. Pediatricians keep a close check on babies who gain too or too less weight. Similarly, adults are also advised to keep a check on body mass index or BMI. Though, biologically humans are programmed to eat according to their daily physical requirement depending upon activity levels.

Some of us are underweight, even after eating full portions three times a day. While some are overweight, following a similar pattern of eating. Weight affects the cardiovascular health, bone density and spinal cord related health factors. Majority of people do not pay heed to their weight or BMI. Health matters are at the lowest bottom of priority until we face a medical emergency. At the same time, we are busy with millions of things like home, kids, office, shopping and travel etc. Which leave us with no time spend on our health concerns.

Have you wondered what percentage of people are committed to a healthy lifestyle? According to a survey in 2015, one in 20 people have no health issues. This indicates that the majority of the human population is dealing with one or the other health ailment. And only 5% of the world population can be called without any health risk.

On the flipside of this whole weight issue, a recent Indian study carried out in Chennai has been a stunner. This study suggests that obesity is not a curse for your overall health and on the contrary being under-weight can kill you faster than you thought. This study further states that underweight people cannot be always called healthy. They also have high chances of suffering from grievous ailments like TB or cancer. Much like the people who are morbidly obese.

Where does the real catch lie regarding weight?

We would again come back to the term BMI when drawing a concluding line on being healthy. At the same time, minuscule fluctuations should not be considered an interference unless your weight is affecting your overall health in the doldrums. Thus, we recommend people to do one or the other physical activity and pay quarterly visits to their doctors for a thorough check-up to avoid any complication due to weight gain or loss. Remember, prevention is always better than cure!

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