Ubisoft's New Skull and Bones, Their Newest Action Adventure Game

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Ubisoft is currently getting things ready for their new action adventure in the sea for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and for Windows. The Skull and Bones which revolves around the normal life of pirates in the untamed Indian Ocean. Let’s take a look a quick look on what the game can offer us.

Currently, Ubisoft announced a beta sign up program for the Skull and Bones which is available at their website. You’ll get to enjoy the battles in the waves first hand before the game releases in 2019.

Story and Gameplay: Skull and Bones

Set in the Golden Age of Pirates, you will get to play a pirate who refused the King’s Pardon and fled from the Caribbean to the wild waters of the Indian Ocean. To gain a foothold among the other bands of pirates, you’ll have to create your own ships and building your crew from the ground up and make your way to the top.

You can choose to team up with other bands of pirate groups on raids for loots at famous trade routes around the in-game maps. However, be very careful because in the world of thieves, there’s no one you can fully trust and one day, those who you called friends can turn their backs against you and claim all the golds you farmed up. To avoid this, you’ll need to have the best ships and crews you can get to have an advantage over your rivals.

The Skull and Bones is also not your typical sail and fight game and the developers are more fond of strategizing and leveling more on tactics which is very unique. As the captain of your ship, you’re involved in directing your ship’s movement as it traverses through the waves and fights the enemy battleships at the same time.

As you made your journey, ware and tear will also take effect and that means you’ll need a crew that can patch things up in an instant to keep your ship afloat. The materials needed for the repair can be obtained from the ships you looted.


There is only one thing that pirates want in this world and that is treasures. The in-game treasures can be obtained by all means possible. Skull and Bones allow you get treasures by controlling trade routes and oppose other players to get that lovely loot. In-game loots such as pearls, and coffee are present and the shiny silver stuff which every pirate love.

Pirate Ships

Pirate ships are the bread and butter of every pirate crew aside from the skills of the crew has. Skull and Bones feature different kinds of ships and these ships have their own abilities. Play for a big heavy ship with slower traverse or a nimble pirate ship with a decent firepower. At the end of the day, it all depends on your playstyle and your preference.

Beta Program

To give players a first-hand experience of the waves in the game, Skull and Bones developers allow players to sign up for a beta access. For now, there are no in-depth details yet about the beta program. However, we suggest those who are interested in playing the game, it would be best to sign up for the program so you’ll don’t miss anything.

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