The Pirate Bay Down? This TPB Alternative Will Download Torrent Offline

Purnima Gupta
10:55 PM

Users have a reliable alternative now. If The Pirate Bay goes down, people can now throng to an all-new OfflineBay and continue with their downloading.

OfflineBay has come up for The Pirate Bay fans as an offline substitute and here fans can download the entire library of torrents through a file as a dump. “Torrents will be available up to the time the last dump file was created,” its creator told TorrnentFreak. OfflineBay works as an offline application on user PC, which can search The Pirate Bay’s torrent list without a web connection. However, the available list doesn’t get refreshed in real time; this is the only drawback of OfflineBay.

The Pirate Bay has been under constant attacks. Many internet service providers in the UK and certain parts of Europe are up in arms against The Pirate Bay’s illegal usage. The torrents available on The Pirate Bay can even land you in jail if an illegal activity is detected by ISP’s. It’s a serious offense to watch or download illegal streams via torrents of The Pirate Bay. Reportedly, the Supreme Court and European court have allowed blocking of The Pirate Bay, on an appeal filed by BRIEN. Considering the legal tussle and downtime issue, the future of The Pirate Bay is under dwindling circumstances. The downtime of The Pirate Bay has increased to as long as 24 hours.

During last week, The Pirate Bay was down with error messages like 522 and connection timed out. But, The Pirate Bay users don’t need to worry too much as OfflineBay has arrived for some relief. Users may not get real-time updated list but can definitely find torrents for downloading, even when offline. OfflineBay can be accessed over Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating system. Most importantly, it is free for use and requires updated Java version 8.

Hope you make the most of this news update. What’s the best The Pirate Bay alternative other than OfflineBay according to you? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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