Top 5 Best and Free Torrent Clients Right Now

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Streaming services are now considered one of the most prevalent ways to enjoy movies, TV shows and music. But despite that, torrent files are still extremely useful, but to be able to use them, you necessitate the right software. With that, here are the best free torrent clients that are available this year:


qBittorrent aims to the meet the needs its users while utilizing as little CPU and memory as conceivable. It also boasts an integrated torrent search engine, encryption, media player, ordering of torrents and the files inside those torrents, IP filtering and torrent creation. Aside from that, it is also the closest open source, scrap-free equivalent to uTorrent. This is a cross-platform torrent client that covers the basics without getting extremely intricate, qBittorrent is the one for you.


Vuze is previously Azureus. This torrent client claims to be the most prevailing BitTorrent client on the torrenting industry.  This has two flavors: the stripped-back Vuze Leap, and the copiously fledged Vuze Plus. Both of them offer media playback, offer the torrent download, and support for magnet file links. But then, the Vuze Plus adds cohesive virus protection and the capability to preview the media files.

This torrent client is saleable because of its interface and cutting-edge features that are accessible to new users. Also, Vuze offers IP filtering, bandwidth limiting, and other features that one could expect from a full-bodied torrent client.


Deluge is a torrent client that can be as guileless or as prevailing as the users wanted it to be. This is due to the extendable via plug-ins, which efficiently enable the users to build their own personalized version of Deluge.

In case you wanted to add alphabetical downloading, transfer downloaded files to particular directories based on the file type, modify speed based on the network conditions, make graphs, incorporate with Chrome or Firefox Deluge got you covered.


uTorrent or µTorrent has been present since the year 2005 and it’s the most extensively used free torrent client outside China. It was able to attract criticism over the past years. It is also worth mentioning that many users claim that the latest versions are a bit too heavy on the advertising and bundled software front. With that, the user has to make sure that they were able to read each step of the installer cautiously and uncheck any software that they don’t want to install.

Despite that, uTorrent is very beneficial, effective and doesn’t guzzle up too much of your system’s properties. In addition, this torrent client also has a record of security glitches; the latest is the one that has the potential to allow hackers to control fundamental functions of the client and spy on users’ downloads. But then, a patch has been released for that vulnerability.


BitTorrent has its own torrent client even it also maintains the uTorrent. In fact, despite that these two are functionally identical there are a few dissimilarities. BitTorrent offers a web-based seeding, commenting and reviewing. Users may also find that the BitTorrent client is greeted by private trackers that are dissimilar with uTorrent.

These are the best torrent clients this year. In case you think that we forgot to mention others, please let us know in the comment section below.

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