Top 5 Best Dual Camera Smartphones In 2017

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This year several smartphones armed with magnificent dual cameras have been released. These handsets were capable of taking not just sharp but vivid images also that are often indistinguishable from images captured by costly and professional digital single-lens reflex cameras. Apart from that, these smartphones can also record high-definition and slow-motion videos, which isn’t possible before. So, without further ado here are top 5 best dual camera smartphones in 2017.

iPhone 7 Plus

The pride of Cupertino-based company; iPhone 7 Plus has two 12MP cameras, the first one has a wide-angle lens and the other one has a telephoto lens. Just in case the user is ready to sacrifice some image quality by using digital zoom, he can capture at up to 10-times magnification for photos and 6-times for video.

The dual-camera that can be found in the iPhone 7 Plus supports a new feature for making a depth-of-field effect that retains faces sharp while producing an attractively blurred background called Portrait mode. By means of this advanced machine learning, the camera and the software promptly examine the scene and decide how to optimally use the effect to attain convincing results.

OnePlus 5

The Chinese tech company’s flagship handset; OnePlus 5 is armed with a 16MP camera sensor with 24 mm focal length that is paired with a 20 MP sensor with 36 mm focal length and optical image stabilization (OIS). The user can either switch among the sensors to get nearer or farther than the subject without moving in any direction. Also, the owners of this phone can activate Portrait mode and let the OnePlus 5 gradually blur the background, which creates a realistic bokeh effect.

Apart from that, this handset can automatically sense various lighting conditions and promptly optimize the camera settings for precision and clearness. Nevertheless, if the user would rather take things into their own hands, the Pro Mode will let them fine-tune settings which include ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation, and others.


LG G6’s dual-camera has two 13MP sensors, the first one has a 71-degree field-of-view and the other one has a 125-degree field-of-view. Both of the sensors depend on Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) for fast and steady autofocus for subjects at a long distance or in outdoor.

The camera software of LG G6 has numerous new modes, which includes a mode called Square Camera. When activated, the Square Camera splits the user interface into two 1:1 squares. One square displays the image preview, and the other one shows the last picture taken. This will let the user immediately see whether he was able to capture a good shot.

Huawei P10

Furnished with an advanced dual-camera system developed with Leica, the Huawei P10 is the progression all Huawei fans have been longing for. The dual-camera system that has detailed 3D facial detection, dynamic illumination and natural portrait augmentations capture twice as much light as typical smartphone cameras. This is made possible through the combination of a 20MP monochrome sensor with a 12MP color shooter. Additionally, the Kirin 960 high-end chipset and innovative machine learning algorithms precisely calculate how to combine the image data from the two sensors to make a spectacular picture.

Huawei Honor 9

Similar to Huawei P10, the Honor 9 also depends on a 20MP monochrome lens and a 12MP RGB lens to capture a lot of elements in all lighting situations. The dual-camera setup of Huawei Honor 9 also allows its user to zoom in to see things up close devoid of losing image quality.

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