Andrew Lincoln To Headline Three Walking Dead Movies As Rick Grimes, All Deets Inside!

Mohnish Singh
1:56 PM

It is almost near to impossible that we talk about the hugely popular television series The Walking Dead and we don’t remember the character of Rick Grimes, brilliantly played by talented actor Andrew Lincoln. Andrew has been one of the most important actors on the ensemble cast of the hit AMC series from its beginning. However, the actor is now set to exit from the series as his character is coming to an end. But if you feel you did not have enough of Lincoln as Rick Grimes and want to see more of him, why don’t you wait for his Walking Dead movies? Yes, if you don’t know what I am talking about, let me tell you that AMC has long ago announced that the network would be producing three Walking Dead movies and all of them will feature the character of Rick Grimes after his departure from the original television series. Isn’t it great news for all the fans of The Walking Dead? It surely is.

If you remember, the mid-season finale episode of The Walking Dead Season 9 dropped many hints about the ensuing fate of Rick Grimes. He was about to breathe his last from a deadly explosion before he was rescued by Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh). Later in the episode, he was shown being transported to medical assistance via helicopter. As far as the rest of the communities were concerned, though, Rick perished when the bridge exploded.

If you are interested in knowing what happens next with Rick after he is rescued by Anne’s group, you will have to wait until the trio of Walking Dead movies is ready for viewing. While AMC did not waste any time in announcing this new platform within The Walking Dead universe, there is no information about when or where these film would premiere. What all we can do as of now is just waiting.

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