‘The Walking Dead Season 9’ To Premiere With A Major Cast Shuffle

Mohnish Singh
2:28 PM

The Walking Dead Season 9 has become a talking point way before it heads for its smashing premiere in October this year. We all know that the latest season is coming up with a sea of changes because it is expected to be the final installment of the hugely popular series and hence, the makers want to give audiences an experience that they cherish forever. They are treating it as a new show altogether.

As the story moves forward, besides Andrew Lincoln’s departure from the zombie drama, a lot is going to change. Major changes in the storyline, characterization, treatment, and presentation are already happening. Another important change is the introduction of several new characters. The makers recently announced new cast members for the latest Walking Dead Season 9. Of all names announced, the one which caught everyone’s attention was of German actress Nadia Hilker. Everyone has been talking about the actress who has been roped into essay the character of Magna in TWD 9.

Magna, as described in the book series, belongs to a new group of survivors after the “All Out War”. It’s the same group which consists of her girlfriend Yumiko, Connie and Kelly, a couple, and a boy called Luke. Magna will spearhead the group. Now, the question arises who is going to play Yumiko, Magna’s girlfriend in the series? Well, actress Eleanor Matsuura, known for her roles in Wonder Woman (2017), has been locked for the role. Luke will be played by The Fantastic Beast film franchise actor Dan Fogler. Broadway actress Lauren Ridloff has come onboard to play Connie, while choreographer and dancer, Angel Theory has been cast to essay the role of Kelly.

Talking more about Nadia Hilker, the German actress from Munich, has previously starred in movies such as Spring (2014), The 100 (2014) and Allegiant (2016). Magna is going to be one of her biggest roles till now. We hope it turns out to be a breakout performance for her in The Walking Dead Season 9.

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