The Walking Dead NEW Spoiler: Season 8 Puts Rick in Tough Spot

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In its first half of the season, The Walking Dead killed unimportant characters only. Characters which were less popular among the fans. After the mid-season finale episode, The Walking Dead decided to jolt fans with something which they could have never imagined. Audiences were baffled when an original The Walking Dead character like Carl Grimes was bitten by a walker. Rick and Michonne both were taken aback by this loss. What will happen next and how Rick deal with a grave situation like this? Now, this has been revealed by Andrew Lincoln in some major spoiling as per the latest reports are to be believed.

In the latest entertainment news, The Walking Dead Season 8 is set to bring some blood freezing moments as in the absence of Carl how Rick will fight The Saviors, will be a major cause for fan’s concern. Carl’s was the only original character in The Walking Dead who has been around since the Atlanta group with Rick, Daryl, and Carol, as reported by Cinema Blend.

The Walking Dead season 8 will also reveal an unexpected turn for the not-so-vital character of Judith. As Rick will continue to fight against The Saviours, Judith will gradually emerge to play a pivotal role. In addition to this, Rick will have Michonne to fight for and complete his commitment to uprooting The Saviours.

However, the show’s narratives remain largely shaken by Carl’s unprecedented loss. Actor Chandler Riggs and his father even slammed the show makers for killing a much liked original character in this apocalyptic drama – The Walking Dead. Fans even started a petition to fire the team which contemplated Carl’s death during the mid-season finale episode.

The Walking Dead is scheduled to return on February 25th to AMC. What are your thoughts on this spoiler, let us know in the comment section below!

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