The Surge 2: Everything You Need To Know - Release Date, Story, Gameplay, and More

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Undoubtedly, Deck 13’s sci-fi, the action-roleplay title ‘The Surge’ was among the numerous games to strike a chord in the hearts of gamers last year – and that’s in a positive way. The game was lauded for its very fresh, interesting approach to the genre, which also translated to its rich narrative.

Though it hasn’t been long since its release, many are now hoping for a sequel i.e. The Surge 2. Deck 13 Interactive seem to have had a hunch and just recently, they announced that the follow-up is already in the works.

As of present, development is still in its early stages, which means there’s still a long way before we witness gameplay sneak-peaks and in-game footages. But despite the considerable lack of details, we still do have information about the upcoming title, which we’ll tell you all about below!

Release Date

Now, before we go delve into what ‘The Surge 2’ has to offer, we think that the game’s release is something that we should first discuss. Currently, Deck 13 has not confirmed an official launch date for the game, which seems pretty obvious seeing as the title is still in the early stages of the process.

However, we do think that the game will see a release sometime next year (2019). This would probably be scheduled at the end of the year, considering there’s a lot of pressure for the game to live up to its predecessor. Deck 13 will likely put emphasis on creating a game that will check all those boxes – regardless of time and schedule. With that said, it’s still pretty much unknown at this point whether we’ll see the game next year or if it’ll be delayed to early 2020.


When it comes to the story, Deck 13 will likely not veer away from the first one. In this follow-up, we’ll once again be able to set our foot on the dilapidated planet filled with deranged survivors. As in the first, we’ll have to carefully traverse the surroundings and scavenge for resources while keeping enemies at bay all times.


When it comes to gameplay, ‘The Surge 2′ will change drastically from the first. This time around, the game is much more complex and the environment more akin to reality than before. Enemies will now be able to monitor your every movement and adjust to certain scenarios accordingly and more efficiently.

The levels are also undergoing major upgrades. According to the developers, the game now has more layers and depth to it. In addition to this, they’ve also put the focus on missions – integrating a guidance system that will lead players to the right path, albeit subtly.

Character-wise, ‘The Surge 2’ will be foregoing the protagonist ‘Warren.’ In this iteration, players will be able to customize their avatars according to their whims, especially when it comes to body type. Aside from this, users will also be able to choose a gender for their character. All of this can be changed as you go through the game, developers say that players will be able to ‘mix and match’ their character’s attributes in order to fit missions and certain situations.

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