Best Gaming Phone of 2018: Razer Phone, Xiaomi Black Shark and Asus ROG Phone

Ronald Balondo
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The year of mobile gaming is looking bright and with 2 new additions in the gaming smartphones category, this could be a new age for the whole gaming industry. Aside from Razer Phone, meet Xiaomi Black Shark and Asus ROG Phone.

Razer Phone

A few years ago, heavy gaming in a mobile device seems to be just a concept but last November 2017 sparked a new category and brought gamers and manufacturers in a whole new class. Widely known as a gaming computer manufacturer, Razer ventured into the smartphone race and introduced the first true gaming smartphone that is intentionally made for heavy gamers.

The company launched their flagship, the Razer Phone, that featured high-end hardware. Under the hood, the phone got Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 with 8GB of RAM. Clocked at 2.35GHz and 1.9GHz, The Snapdragon 835 have 4 Kyro 280 cores based on ARM’s Cortex A73 and A53.

With GeekBench rating, the setup averaged 1895 and 6314 in single-core and multi-core results respectively in 25 runs. In Antutu, the phone got an overall score of 198,000 points which is one of the best in the class.

Xiaomi BlackShark

On the other hand, Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics company that is based in Beijing unveiled their version of gaming smartphone which is called the Black Shark. The phone was released last April—a few months after the Razer Phone— to the public with a purpose of introducing themselves as one of the companies that can provide fast and reliable devices. The Xiaomi Black Shark under the hood featured Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 which is the model after Snapdragon 835. The processor is running on Kryo 385 Gold which is based on ARM’s Cortex A75 and clocks at 2.8GHz while the Kryo 385 Silver clocks at 1.9 GHz which is based on A55.

The 6GB version got an average of 1785 and 6656 in 25 single and multi-core runs while the 8GB version gave 2416 and 8189  respectively. in Antutu, Xiaomi Black Shark got 269,546 average scores in 5 runs. It provided better results than the Razer given the fact that it has an updated inside and was released a few months after.

Asus ROG Phone

Now, the latest gaming smartphone on the market. Manufactured by Asus that is known in the gaming world by producing the ROG series, they advanced into the gaming phone category with their own setup known as the Asus ROG Phone. This gaming smartphone just got introduced to the public last June 4th which makes the phone the latest in the gaming phone class.

The Asus ROG Phone has some similarity in the setup and uses the same Snapdragon 845 chip but can reach up to 2.96GHz for the Kryo 385 and 1.7 for the Gold and Silver clusters. In an average of 25 runs, this phone scored 2538 points in single-core which is far better than the rest and same goes for the multi-core score of 9411 points. This was achieved by overclocking the Snapdragon 845 and using an impressive cooling system in the phone’s internal. It also has an average score of 304,183 in Antutu which is pretty remarkable.

With these 3 phones leading the way in the gaming smartphone category, many are excited on about the future of mobile gaming. Bigger and faster phone will soon arrive and these 3 phones started it all.

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