Will Apple Launch The Promised Mac Mini 2018 Before Year Ends?

Ronald Balondo
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A long time ago, Apple provided their consumers the most affordable Mac computer known as the Mac Mini. A few years later, we still haven’t seen any new installment from the Mac Mini series and people are thinking if this is the end of the line.

The frustration of waiting is a huge deal for Mac users and this was echoed by Quentin Carnicelli in a blog for Rogue Amoeba stated that “it’s difficult to understand how WWDC could have come and gone with no hardware releases.” Expressing the year that goes past without any new addition or even an update from any of the line.

Apple’s lips are still shut tight and not providing new information if an upgrade is coming or not. However, a statement made by Apple officials back in April 2017 made everything clear that the company still wanted to keep the cheapest Mac in their lineup.

The Promise

The company stated that Mac Mini is still “an important product.” This statement brings new hope to the fans looking for a cheaper way to get a Mac computer. Another interesting fact is that Tim Cook, Apple’s Chief Executive Officer, replied to an email stating confirming that Mac Mini is part of their plans.

Reported in MacRumors October last year,  Cook stated that “While it is not time to share any details, we do plan for Mac Mini to be an important part of our product line going forward.” This is the direct answer to the question that a lot of people are asking about the fate of their beloved Mac Mini.

Last WWDC 2018, we haven’t seen any hardware updates from the company and no one mentioned anything about the new Mac devices. One thing is worth noting based on the recent trends made by Apple for sending off their new devices, if not the 2nd quarter, it would be at the last part of the year.

The last Mac Mini hit the stores last October 2014 and it is possible that the company will do the same thing, another possibility is on September and could be in-line with the release of their new 2018 iPhones. If the Mac Mini 2018 made a surprise debut this year alongside the new iPhones this will come as a big surprise.

Possible Buffs and Upgrades

A huge power boost from the chipset inside the hood is needed to compete with the current competitors like the VivoMini from Asus and the Intel NUC. The mentioned minicomputers got a 7th and 8th gen Intel Core Processors and Apple might want to get at least the same or better CPU for the Mac Mini 2018.

USB-C is also a  huge fit for the Mac Mini 2018. With almost all of the recent Mac line switching to the new port, it only makes sense if this year’s version got it. Price-wise, we might be looking around the same price or possibly a little bit higher than the previous generation.

The Entry-level Mac Mini last 2014 costs around $500 and the highest tier was almost $1000. It would be nice if the price of the Mac Mini 2 would be at par with these figures but it would be hard to imagine considering all the new things that will come with the Mac Mini 2018. Everyone is hoping for the best and hopefully, Apple is still holding to their promises.

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