The Next Big Things Apple Expected To Unveil In Third Quarter Of 2018

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Apple made some news in the recent WWDC 2018 about their new look software, the iOS 12. The iOS 12 boasts new and wonderful features but as we all expected, Apple didn’t give us an ample amount of new hardware in their lines. Could this be a wrong move by Apple?

Many Apple enthusiast believes that the company will surprise its patron by giving new lines to their products blow after blow. However, we might need to calm down for a bit and wait for the next Apple event in September. Reported earlier herein 73buzz that the company’s major players in the smart device section such as the iPhones, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or the low-cost version of the MacBook 13 inch, HomePods and others might not be presented at WWDC this year and it will be unveiled at the right time.

Now the rumor claims that 13-inch MacBook that is said to replace or continue the MacBook Air line up will be showcased this September. In an article published in Bloomberg stated that  “The Company [Apple] has also considered updating the aging 13-inch MacBook Air with a new processor as sales of the laptop, Apple’s cheapest, remain surprisingly strong.” We haven’t heard any news from Apple this recent WWDC but clearly, the company is still considering making a cheaper line for those who can’t afford to get the high-end products like the MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro’s last update was on 2017’s WWDC event and it brought to the table faster processors, the Kaby Lake. A few months later, in November 2017, Jony Ive, Apple’s head of design, acknowledges the feedbacks from critics and disappointed customer about the recent release.

Apple may be looking to re-evaluate the current MacBook Pro model and might have taken their time fitting in the necessary adjustments for their product. This might be true because of baffling fact listed on Geekbench that a device called  MacBook Pro 14,3 that has a Coffee Lake 6-core Intel Core i7 8750H that offers 2.21GHz per core and a mind-blowing Turbo Boost up of 4.1GHz. This set a score that is way ahead compared to other MacBook Pro in the market. Also, add 32 GB of RAM to the equation and will sum up in a very nice piece of machine that packs a punch. The iMac might also get a boost in the hardware section similar to the MacBook Pro.

The Cheapest Mac computer, the Mac Mini might get a bounce back this 2018. Back in 2017,  Apple stated that  Mac Mini 2018 is still “an important product.” Many years have passed since the last time we saw a bump in the Mac Mini line. Could this be in line with the rumored low-cost Mac computers being manufactured and will be scheduled for shipment this 2018? Let’s wait and see.

HomePod or a new branding, HomePod Mini might catch up with the league-leading, the Amazon Echo, in the smart speaker section. Bringing in cheaper price tags that its predecessor, this will bring more competition in the line up in for the smart speaker fans. With this, Apple is looking for a big rebound and might also be teaming up with Beats Studio to reach the top.

iPhone SE2 is one of the iconic phone set for Apple and might be included in the launch this September. iPhone SE is still a strong selling despite the basic design that brought to life last 2012. Apple might get a new version and will improve one of its budget-friendly phones.

Mac Pro is set to be released in 2019 but it will be sweet if we see it this September.  This will bring a lot of joy to the face of the professionals that needed computing power for their everyday crafts. You can read the whole article about the new Mac Pro.

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