The Future of Apple's iPad Mini This Year, iPad Mini 5, Still Stagnant Or A Possible Refresh

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Most of Apple’s products has been stagnant for a while now. A recent example of this is the iPad Mini. Is it possible that the company is working to revive the almost 8-inch tablet line, a possible refresh or will the company ditch the project and start with a new line?

The last generation of the iPad Mini 4 was introduced September of 2015. Since then, we have yet to see any improvements or updates about the line.

Three years have passed and we are curious to find out if Apple will launch a new generation iPad Mini 5 2018 this year. We searched and looked for clues and let’s see how it turns out.

iPad Mini 4 was a huge success back then and most people considered the mini tablet to be the most popular iPad in the line. However, after the three long years that went and gone without any update or refresh, the iPad Mini might end its journey and might be dropped from Apple’s product line of tablets.

Future of The iPad Mini

A report featured in Bloomberg stated that the iPad Mini 5 will not get an update this year. This was according to a person that has knowledge of Apple’s future plans for its devices. The report didn’t mention if the iPad Mini line will not get any future update moving forward or just won’t make it in time for the company’s timetable this year especially the company’s iPhone event this September.

If the rumors about the iPad Mini 5 are proven true, it doesn’t mean that Apple will discontinue the sales of their mini tablet. Apple stores and retailers will still have the mini tablet for sale but it will feature the same old models. One thing clearly stands out when we aligned all the rumors and hearsay, Apple seems like they have no future plans for the iPad Mini line.

According to the analyst, Ming-chi Kuo, the real reason why Apple hadn’t had any plans for the iPad Mini is that of the quality and the rise of large-screen smartphones in the current market. Another reason points to the rise of the 9.7 inch iPad that will be most likely to replace the iPad Mini.

The 9.7 inch iPad is way greater than the iPad Mini and many can agree that the mini has no chance against its bigger version. The Mini features a screen which is a bit larger than the normal six or seven-inch smartphones out there but when it comes to functions, the iPad Mini was clearly at the disadvantage. For this reasons, Kuo believes that Apple will strongly support the 9.7 inch iPad over the iPad Mini.

If iPad Mini 5 is Still Available, This is What We Want To See

If ever Apple will still continue to drive the iPad Mini 5 this year, a thinner device would be great. Just like what Apple’s closest competitor did with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 which features an incredible 5.6mm of thickness.

A durable 7000-series aluminum like what the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 7 has, it would be an added durability feature if Apple will fit this body to the iPad Mini 2018. Above all, the processors would need a huge upgrade if the company decides to push with the iPad Mini line. It is only a couple of weeks away and let’s wait until the company layout their plans for the Mini tablet.

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